How Facebook Has Created Opportunities
Social media has expanded to the point where everyone uses it. Family members, friends, and work colleagues alike can take part in various websites, as these can help to spur communication and make certain that it is maintained over the course of time. Facebook is just one of the many sources to consider. However, as of late, it has become especially noteworthy because of how well it has been able to create opportunities. You might have even seen this during the past few years.

How Facebook Has Created Opportunities

CNNMoney posted an article concerning Facebook and how, in the past year, it has created a 4.5 million jobs worldwide. In addition, this move has brought $227 billion into the local economy, which is another staggering statistic for social media enthusiasts to make note of. As impressive as these bits of news are, though, it’s important to understand that Facebook itself has not created these jobs or spurred this financial improvement. What does this mean, exactly, you may wonder?
Essentially, job positions have been created where Facebook is fed off of. Everything from online marketing firms to the general usage of the Internet brought life to job opportunities and it’s easy to see where the aforementioned social media mogul has come into effect. When tools like Facebook exist, it’s easy to see how companies can generate more business, since just about everyone uses Facebook. When the aforementioned generation happens, a greater workforce is needed. Suffice it to say, this is where new jobs are created.
One of the most prominent job opportunities created – and the aforementioned article mentioned this – were social media managers. It’s not enough to simply create a Facebook page or Twitter profile and expect them to gain traction based on name value alone. In fact, these channels must be moderated, as continuous posts are made and engagement is seen at a high level. Social media management is, in many cases, a 24-hour job. Nonetheless, opportunities like these have illustrated the creation of jobs in this day and age. It wouldn’t be farfetched to imagine that Facebook would be at the forefront.
It’s important to understand how much the Internet has helped to expand jobs for promising men and women alike. The job that I have today wouldn’t have existed without the Internet and, by proxy, social media services along the lines of Twitter, LinkedIn and, of course, Facebook. Little did I know just how much of an impact these services had. With the rapidly expanding nature of these websites, and the potential creation of new ones, I have to believe that job opportunities can only grow from here.
What is your take on the idea that Facebook has created opportunities and new jobs, indirectly or otherwise? Please leave your thoughts on the matter below!

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