How Do You Easily Add an Email Signature

WiseStamp is a free browser extension which adds your very own personalized signature to the bottom of all your emails. The tool works with Gmail,Hotmail,Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.

How Do You Easily Add an Email Signature

I’ve been using WiseStamp for about four years and I am over moon with it. Currently my email signature is quite basic with nothing too fancy. But it still grabs peoples eyes and gets them clicking on my links. Does my email grab your eyes?


What makes WiseStamp extra special is the level of customization you have. You can pick and choose exactly what your signature looks like. From the small things like social icons to HTML coding.

On the free plan you can create two templates and send from either one of them, WiseStamp automatically names these templates: personal and business but you can rename to what you like. In-addition to creating templates you can add an unlimited number of images,links and HTML code to your email signatures. On the free plan you can easily add your social icons, email apps like an RSS and you can even display your instant messaging details.


The free plan is perfect for any small business as it looks incredible and can grow your social engagement, traffic to your blog and increase sales while giving your business a more professional look.

If you looking for something extra special then the Plus Plan with tons of premium templates that you can pick and choose from may be the option for. The plan is cheap as chips at just £2.5($4) a month you get the option to create up-to five templates, create custom social icons,display large social icons and have live support for any problems you may have.


Example of a premium template:

download (1)

WiseStamp is a must have tool for any small business. WiseStamp offers a 30 day guarantee so you could just try out the Plus Plan to see how you go.
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