Hot Infographic Trends for 2014


As the new year ticks closer, it’s time to take out the crystal ball and predict what trends will be hot in 2014. Infographics will continue to be very important for any company that wants to gain attention and higher traffic in the coming year. Follow the 2014 infographic trends below and your company might even go viral.

Here’s a look at the key infographic trends for 2014


1. Mobile Compatibility

These days mobile is a huge buzzword in the digital community. Any content that marketers produce must also translate well to mobile devices, and you would be wise to make sure this includes infographics. You may need to get a designer who specializes in mobile to help you out.

2. Higher Quality

There is so much content competing for our attention right now that only the best will rise to the top. Infographics will have to be twice as good in the coming year, because so many businesses have hopped on the trend and the field has gotten so competitive. That means the presentation and selection of content must be superior, in order to stand out from other content vying for online attention. Interactive graphics and web graphics will become the upper level infographic that readers crave and share.

3.  Using More Graphic Designers

As the trend took off, many businesses designed their infographic without using a graphic designer. They didn’t want to take the time, or invest the money, in a higher-quality product, so eager were they to get in on the craze. But it turns out that was a mistake. Good-looking, well-designed infographics are much more likely to go viral than an infographic with good information but poor layout. In 2014, businesses will embrace the pros and start hiring them to design their infographics in hopes of getting better pass-along traffic.

4. Longer Graphics

Recent research has shown that taller pins on Pinterest tend to get repinned more. This echoes studies that have shown more engagement for posts with photos on Facebook. The bottom line, people love visuals. The longer your image, the more likely it is that your infographic will get highly trafficked on social media, which is what every company is hoping for.

5. Turning Infographics into Videos

Imagine combining the impact of the visuals from an infographic with the dynamic qualities of video, and it’s clear why turning infographics into video is one of the major trends of 2014. It’s not too hard to do. You simply take the infographic source files, plop them into a video, and enhance them with music and/or narration. This also adds a whole new aspect for social sharing, plus infographic videos can be posted to YouTube.

6. Greater Creativity

Infographics have become so common on the web that it takes a lot for one to stand out. That means offering something that no one has seen before, and it’s not just about the information. Clever presentation can go a long way toward driving traffic to an infographic. The coming year will see companies really step up their creative efforts in hopes of going viral. For example, check out this infographic about superhero day jobs that combines first-rate creativity with writing and design.
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