Is Google Maps Turning into a Social Network?

Remember the times Google Maps was a navigation app? Yes, we do as well. And this is because in most of the cities it is, at the moment, a navigation app; but in others – such as London, San Francisco, New York, Bangkok, San Paolo or Tokyo, it is more than this. And this is what we are going to talk about in this article. 

What’s in beta testing for Google Maps?

Google Maps will give you the possibility of sharing reviews and pictures of places as well as following local guides that give valuable insights into places you can find within the app. 

Back in 2015, they launched a program that allowed the most active Google Maps users earn a status that would give them more credibility within the users visiting their hometown. 

In order to continue that process, Google will now allow users of the app to follow local guides from certain cities. After doing so, the guides’ recommendations will be highlighted when using Google Maps in a particular city. A new tab can be found, called “For you” and there you can see all the recommendations for an area for local guides. 

Why is Google doing this?

Google is making this move in order to dethrone Facebook and TripAdvisor when it comes to online recommendations.

Because until now, Google has been helping businesses get discovered by allowing them to add photos, descriptions, update their profiles on Google Maps and even claim a short URL that can be easily shared. 

It was about time Google Maps also focused on people as well and that is why they are testing this new feature that connects people with other people rather than businesses with people. 

The downside of all this is that local guides might not write feasible reviews and the other users might not consider them of interest and the program might fail.

But conclusions are to be taken after the beta testing.

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