Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts and Author Attribution


Google+ introduced on Monday (September 9) two new features that allows the content creators to embed public Google+ posts on other sites and the integration of Google+ sign-in and the Google Authorship program.


Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts and Author Attribution


1. Google+ Embedded Posts


With this new Google+ Embedded Posts option, site owners can add public Google+  posts to their blogs or web pages. As they said on their blog: “Text, photo and media posts are all supported, and the embeds are fully interactive, so visitors can +1, comment and follow you inline.” This Google+ embedded post option is like the Facebook embedded posts, embedded tweets from Twitter or Instagram photo and video embeds option.

For the moment the Google plus embed posts are working only with two platforms: WordPress and Typepad

 To embed a Google+ post just select ‘Embed post’ from the right side drop down menu within the original post, copy the HTML code and add it to your webpage as you can see below:


2. Author Attribution


Google+ also had integrated Author Attribution a feature that ties an author’s web article or blog post to their Google+ profile. So, if an author uses his Google+ account to login with WordPress platform, his posts  will be automatically linked back to his Google+ profile. As on Google+ Embed Posts, this integration will initially roll out only with two major blogging platforms: WordPress and Typepad.


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