Gain Brand Recognition and High Rankings With These Unusual Link Building Strategies

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of link building, let us first understand what link building is and how it can be used as a strategy to boost brand recognition. In the past couple of years, we’ve seen SEO change tremendously. Back in the day, it was acceptable for content to be stuffed with random keywords. It actually helped increase ranking a lot. But things have changed, and right now Google only cares about quality. Low-quality articles are no longer accepted, and they often lead to website penalties.
As far as backlinks are concerned, the spammy types are no longer accepted either. A few years back, forum comments and article directories were packed with low-quality backlinks meant to increase ranking But right now, only the ones that matter are liked by Google. It’s rather tough for a website today to rank high without backlinks that are relevant and highly authoritative.

Unusual Link Building Strategies


Stealing the backlinks of your competitors

Now, this strategy might seem like the most unusual but it works. All you have to do is enter your preferred target keyword into Google. Then assess which of your main competitors is on page #1. Enter their site and have a closer look at their backlinks. They most likely use the best and most qualitative to stay at the top. However, only select the links that point straight at your site; ignore those that are not related to what you must offer. Use one or more backlink checkers to extract websites that link to the website of your main competitor. Identify the strategies they use and go grab links. Then, the next step is to set up replicated. In case this strategy does not seem to work, at least it will give you a solid base to help you get started.

Consider opting for an affiliate program

An affiliate program is an excellent way of boosting your website’s rank. Nonetheless, in case the affiliate websites that link back to your site have copied product descriptions and posts with just a couple of comments, they will no help boost your ranking. Make sure to focus on quality if you’re determined to get into affiliate marketing. Choose sites with a proven track record, and write original reviews accompanied by product recommendations and comments from a reliable blog owner. This will convince Google’s algorithms that you’re the real deal.

All eyes should be on relevance

Whereas the quality of the websites that link to your blog or online business is of the utmost importance, it is just as important to find sites that match your business. Google’s principles rely on providing the people relevant results to what they want to find on the web. Quality determines whether Google likes you or not; and if you don’t focus on qualitative links (inbound and outbound), your online business doesn’t have a bright future on the web. Approaching sites that matter to your business is crucial. The following 4-steps should clearly determine where you stand:

  • Ensure that you’ve earned links from website that are in the same niche as you
  • If a website you’d like to link to doesn’t have anything to do with your business, avoid it
  • The link you’ve managed to earn should have relevance and match to the overall content of the page that got you links in the first place


Crafting a link building tactic

Earning links doesn’t just depend on choosing an approach and sticking to that approach solely. Even though Google does tell us what to do, there’s no guarantee that the links you get in return are qualified and useful. If you choose to narrow down your link building tactics to 1 or 2, you risk being ignored by search engines. Never forget that Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and adapting.  Some of the best unusual link building strategies that still apply today are:

  • Crafting, promoting and publishing top quality content that can link back to your website
  • Getting recommended from individuals and websites that are trusted
  • Being as active as possible on social media platforms – this instills trust
  • Content syndication on major industry sites
  • Guest blogging on other popular blogs that are in the same industry as your business

Finally, you are advised to be as original as possible. Don’t follow the SEO practices of your main competitors when it comes to getting conversions and driving traffic. Focus on building your own brand, and do it innovatively as you can. Separate yourself from others, and look for ways to be original. This is the true recipe for success in the online environment, and it’s the only way you can expand your brand and help it go mainstream. The newer and cooler your tactics are the better chances you have to get on Google first page.
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