Fresh Pinterest Analytics Guide


Pinterest last changes makes it more interactive and even more usable. Pinterest recently made several changes in the website platform, especially when it comes to the look and export data.  I think that we all know that Pinterest represents a very good search engine and is very user friendly. Why Google loves Pinterest? Because Google loves fresh content, where Pinterest is very good at it.


What are the brand new changes? 

1. Pinterest has a brand new look – users can switch to the new look from the menu; 

2. Pins are larger than before – Pins have 735 pixels wide now. I think this is a new tactic in order to emphasize the visual content;

3. Settings method – now there are two different settings method: Profile Settings and Account Settings;

4. Pinterest offers more options when you expand pins – users can also see the pins from the same website and see more pins from the same board. 

5. Pinterest Analytics – I don’t really know what is their strategy, but Pinterest looks more and more like Google, when it comes to analytics section. This might be the most important change that it was made by Pinterest, because it allows you to view your analytics only  if you have verified your website. 

Here is a fresh Pinterest Analytics Guide  

On Pinterest Analytics you have acces to 7 different informations, as long as your website is very good integrated with this platform:

1. Daily number of  pins and pinners from your website
2. Daily number of  repins and repinners
3. The total number of times your pins have appeared on the site and the number of times they were seen
4. The number of clicks and website visitors
5. The most recent pins from your site
6. The most repinned and the most-clicked pins
7. You can also download all of this data.

In the Pinterest Analytics Guide below, we can also notice that Pinterest introduced the Engaged Users notion. Every marketer have now acces to this Pinterest Analytics section for their brands, where they can find statistics of all apps and audience. Step by step, Pinterest is turning into a very desirable platform for e-commerce platforms and is taking a step further in its battle agains Instagram.

Maybe next year Google, Google+ and Pinterest will become the most successful combination for SEO process. The future looks bright for Pinterest, as long as it will continue to develop the analytics section. 

The report you cand export from Pinterest Analytics is also very complex, because it offer you a very accurate audience descriptions and shows you what topics are your audience interested in. This is valuable information that you could have reached only after a few weeks analysis. 

So what do you thing about this brand new Pinterest changes? Are you a Pinterest user?