Flappy Bird remains a legend (Infographic)


The success of this game remains a mistery to me. Why? Because every computer game is created in order to entertain you and to make you have some fun, but Flappy Bird was made to get you angry and frustrated. Many players were driven by the desire to achieve the next level, which was frustrating sometimes, because it was not about high score or low score… it was just Flappy Bird score. 

After hours and hours of playing, I started to ask myself: is Dong Nguyen the most successful game creator or is just the worst game designer ever? I think this guy is a genius. He knew that people are driven by the desire to play, compete and of course, win. So he created Flappy Bird, which is that kind of game that make people want to play, even if they are not gamers. 

Flappy Bird remains a legend?


Created by Dong Nguyen, a man from Vietnam, Flappy Bird became an overnight sensation on the Internet and it was the most downloaded app in over 100 countries. Flappy Bird ranked 50 million downloads during 5 months. After the Flappy Bird app was removed from App Store by its own developer, the iPhones with Fappy Birds go for thousands of dollars on eBay. Actually an american bought an iPhone with Flappy Bird for an amazing amount of money: 5000 dollars. 

What do you think: Flappy Bird remains a legend? Let’s say, a legendary game such as Mario? Mario is still a cool game to play, because it was upgrated and is still fun. Nowdays, you can play Mario video game in a 3D version, or enjoy he’s every adventure from the computer screen: Mario Enduro, Fight with Mario,  and so on.

Below you can see a Flappy Bird Infographic made by startapp, from where you can find all the important chapters of this Flappy Bird mania.


Did you played Flappy Bird? What are your thoughts about this game?



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