Facebook Will Allow Claiming Ownership Over Images

Ever since the Internet appeared and even before – with print – there have been situation in which artists and not only had to even file trials in order to claim ownership for their art – whether we are talking about photos, videos, music or lyrics.

Even now, there are many accounts on both Facebook and Instagram that only repost other’s art and give credits for it – sometimes this doesn’t happen at all.

As artists put effort in creating the art, it should be recognised in full as being their own or at least give credits for it.

Facebook is trying to make both their platform and Instagram ones where original content is posted more than reposted one and encourage creatives to share their original artwork and to receive full credits for it.

If you didn’t know until now, Facebook has built a tool called Rights Manager in the Creative Studio, where you can submit your artwork and an application to protect it.

At the moment, Facebook is testing the new feature with partners they haven’t yet disclosed and our guess is that they will release it more broadly in the following weeks. As the issue they are dealing with is a sensitive one, the test with the initial partners is a very important one to set up rules to be followed from now on.

Once the application is sent and the files are uploaded to the Rights Manager, Facebook will crawl its platforms to find matching content and you, the owner will have the possibility to choose whether it appears in some regions or all over the world.

Besides the free content management tool that already exists, Facebook is doing an update by adding an IP reporting system in addition to the Rights Manager.

It seems that both Facebook and Instagram are taking copyright very seriously and also try to protect their users from infringement.

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