Facebook Notes Revamp Challenges Medium and LinkedIn

Admittedly, Notes was one of the Facebook functions I have overlooked. While I might have written a couple of them during my junior year of college, the truth is that I grew bored with the layout and I found other platforms which made my writing endeavors easier. Fast forward to today, and it seems like Facebook Notes has returned with a new look and feel. One question must be asked: is there enough of a change made to where people should consider using it as their primary writing platform?

Facebook Notes Revamp and Challenges Medium and LinkedIn

For those who do not know, Notes is a section on Facebook where you can write blog-like entries before posting them on your page. Notes can be used to construct anything from short stories to critical essays. In short, anything that is too extensive for normal Facebook posts could apply here. However, earlier this week it was found that the social media mogul has been tinkering with a few added features, including cover images and hashtag implementation. The change has been described as “Medium-like,” and it’s an accurate comparison.
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It’s a smart move for Facebook to make as well. Medium has been regarded for its intuitive interface, allowing for a litany of stories to be published, on a variety of subjects. In fact, it’s one of the many blogging platforms, along with WordPress and Blogger, that an online marketing company could feasibly recommend for content creation purposes. On the surface, Notes has the potential to carve its own niche in the larger blogging sphere. It’s just a matter of how effectively this will be done.
Personally, I believe that Facebook will struggle with attempting to persuade its users to utilize Notes more often. For quite a few years now, people have disregarded Notes, overlooking it even though they have had the opportunity to implement it. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad service, either; in its current form, it’s easy enough to use and the inclusion of tags and images help it stand out that much more. In simplest terms, it’s capable.
My concern lies in the idea that encouraging people to use Notes, when the platforms mentioned earlier are more well-known by comparison, is a lofty challenge. Facebook isn’t exactly known for its blogging capabilities, meaning that a long road awaits arguably the biggest name in social media. Since this story is relatively young, time will tell if success is found.
Has this revamped format of Notes convinced you to use it more often? If not, are you going to stick to more traditional blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger? Please leave your thoughts below!

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