Facebook New Features at F8 2019

During the first day of F8, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have announced changes to Facebook’s products and how will those influence the future of communication. Read more about Messenger new features and Instagram new features announced on this year of Facebook F8.

But let’s see what is new with Facebook itself! 

Facebook New Features at F8 2019

A new Facebook design

FB5 is here. This means a new Facebook design, a simpler and faster one, that puts communities on top of everything. You can already see it on your mobile device, or will soon be able too. And they are also working on a new browser design that will start rolling out over the next months.

Groups at the center

The new version of Facebook is intended to be more private and to focus on communities. This is why they have put the focus on Facebook groups and give users the possibility to join the ones that best fit their needs.

a. Making group discovery easier

The group tabs are easier to find and they will show important activities from the groups you are part of. There will also be a new discovery tab which will make it easier for you to find and join groups you might be interested in.

b. Easy to participate in group activities

You will get, from now on, recommendations to join group conversations in the Marketplace, the Gaming Tab, Today In and even Facebook Watch. And, of course, you will see more content from groups in your News Feed.

c. Groups divided into specific communities

All around the Globe there are different Facebook users with different needs. This is why, from now on, Groups will also be divided according to the communities they gather around. So get ready to see this separation into, for example, Health Support groups, Job ones (pay attention, LinkedIn!), Gaming ones with new chat features.

Got a secret crush? Let him or her know!

There have been rumors about a new Facebook functionality that was something like Tinder: if you have a secret crush, you can now let them know. And we say them because you can add up to 9 people to a list. If they are also on facebook Dating and have added you to their list, it’s a match and everyone’s happy. If they are not on Facebook dating or they didn’t add you to their list, they will never know about your crush on them.

New ways, new friends

Remember all the spam friend requests you got from people across the globe you didn’t have anything in common? They could be history now. Because Facebook has introduced new ways of discovering friends. You will be able to see only possible friends that have opted-in to meet new friends. And those recommendations will be based on things you have in common: the same city you live in, same workplace or same interests. 

Marketplace gets shipping

So you are in the US and buy something from the marketplace. You will now be able to ask for shipping directly within the platform and even make payments directly on Facebook. 

New season, new events tab

Summer is almost here, so people leave houses more often. This is why, Facebook will have a new events tab that will let you discover events near you, get recommendations, discover local businesses and even make plans with your friends to get together.

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