Facebook Marketing: 3 Proven Ways To Improve Engagement On Your Fanpage


For entrepreneurs, using Facebook as a platform to connect with friends has long been evolved into maximizing it as a tool to reach wider audience. After all, with statistics such as 16 million local business pages created in Facebook as of May 2013, it would be a huge loss if the social network would not be utilized the way it should be. The volume of competition is growing by the second and each unused moment can cost lost traffic and possible conversion. Needless to say, it has been almost a requirement nowadays for owners to set up fanpages for their businesses.

How To Improve Engagement On Your Facebook Fanpage

 Building fanbase is not enough though. To a digital agency, one must ensure that each fan converts to a lead and that lead translates to a sale. Enter engagement in the picture. Suppose your brand sells local soap, you currently have 1,000 fans but no one likes, comments or shares your post. Do you think your country-wide or digital marketing campaign, for that matter, proves effective at all?
Improving how your followers engage to your posts is essential to increase your chance to be shown on their own newsfeeds. With Facebook’s EdgeRank which determines the stories that appear in each user’s feed, it has become integral to work on the engagement rate of your page as the algorithm hides your stories if they do not score well on FB standards.

Here are 3 ways to help you deal with that


  1.  Content. Each content you publish has its own weight. Photos and videos weigh higher compared to status and links. The trick then is to make the photo or video as pretty and viral as possible so more people will like, comment or share them. Variety plays a key role too so be varied and do not stick to one content-type alone. 
  2. Frequency. Another aspect to look upon is how frequent you do the posting on the timeline. The less number you do it in a day lowers your chances to be seen in the feeds. So the secret lies between publishing enough to satisfy the number of fans that you have and getting good scores from Facebook.
  3. Timing. There are peak hours and days when most users are online and you have to take advantage of that. Generally, it is recommended to do your postings every weekdays from 6 to 8 in the morning and 2 to 5 in the afternoon. However, timing varies depending on your location and the profiles of your fanbase therefore it is best to refer to your Page Insights for more information.