Facebook Improves the Ads Targeting

It is no wonder that Facebook has lots of information on the users that registered on the platform, making it easier for businesses to reach potential customers. Regarding the possibilities that Facebook offers for advertisers to create ads, they are growing every now and then. Lately, they have introduced two more Custom Audience creation options: Dwell Time and Link Sharing.


So how Facebook improves the ads targeting by adding the two new features?

Dwell Time is a new ad feature from Facebook that allows advertisers to create a list of users that have spent time viewing an ad from a specific business. This new tool will allow re-targeting users that have viewed your ad but did not take any action. The downfall of this is that no one can be sure whether a user actually viewed a certain ad or he/ she just scrolled on the timeline and then just opened a new tab, without seeing the ad. Despite this, the new tool will allow you to reach customers that might have had at a certain moment in time an interest in your product or service. You can use the tactics that worked when you did other retargeting campaigns on the platform.
On the other hand, Link Sharing allows advertisers to concentrate on users who engaged with a piece of content you shared or, to be more specific when talking about engagement, they actually shared your link. This means that the specific users shared your link because they had a certain interest in it. This could come in hand when you want to advertise, for example, a certain event in a specific region, in order to boost interest in it.

Besides these two Custom Audience lists, Facebook introduced back in July Instagram retargeting, in order to enlarge the possibilities to create inter-platform ads and to enlarge the reach of ads to different targets.
These changes that Facebook does to the possibilities of creating ads and reaching more and more possible customers wouldn’t be possible without all the data the users are generating on the platform and app. This makes it easier for advertisers to be specific when creating ads in order to reach the specific target they want to go to.
All these features included in the Custom Audience lists can drive increased performance: whether we are talking about website conversions, event attending or boosting the reach of a Facebook page, for example.
What do you think of the improvements Facebook did on the Custom Audience lists?
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