Facebook Introduces a Gaming Creator Pilot

The gaming industry is bringing lots of money to both gamers and the platforms they are using for live streaming. Facebook acknowledged this and is creating a Gaming Creator pilot which helps gamers live stream, wanting to dethrone Twitch and Youtube in this.
Facebook Live seems to be a good option for gamers to stream and gather a community around them with the live comments and reactions.
One of the first gaming creators is StoneMountain64 who has more than 1 million followers on Facebook and is daily streaming PUBG, Fortnite and many more. He has been part of the experiment from the beginning and now other gamers can join him in this movement towards Facebook Live streaming.


The reasons Facebook has for getting in this industry are the following (as stated by one representative):

  • As the main focus of Facebook is the community, they want to help gaming creators gather a strong community around their brand, which will be able to contact them in real time and communicate with them.
  • The future plans include an integration with Oculus and Instagram, in order to gain more visibility on the other platforms as well.
  • They want to support the gaming community with the tools they need in order to gain enough money to make a living from live streaming on Facebook and encouraging more and more people to follow them and take their example.
  • To give the possibility to every creator to start streaming and develop with the help of the tools they are offering.

After a closed beta release, Facebook is currently inviting more gamers to join the program and give them feedback on what could be improved and what other elements they would like to be implemented. This is a way of listening to the community: both the creators and their followers.

At the beginning of the sign-up process, they give creators some indications they need to follow for a better live stream:

  • To have a strong and reliable Internet connection.
  • To have all the equipment tested before live streaming.
  • To pay attention to lightning for a better video quality.
  • To talk to their audience or even go live with a friend.
  • To establish a regular broadcasting schedule.

Facebook is also currently testing ways of monetizing the content that gaming creators are producing via payments during the live streams. They are currently improving this process and make it available to more and more creators.
What do you think this new Facebook Gaming Creator Pilot feature will bring to the gaming industry?
Do you think they will dethrone YouTube and Twitch? Let us know in the comment box below.
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