Facebook Creators Updates

Facebook is taking a step forward in competing with YouTube with the updates they have made available for Facebook Creators.
There are three directions in which they have made the updates: managing the creators’ presence on Facebook, engaging with their communities and building a business on Facebook. Let’s see how!


Managing Creator’s Presence

Facebook representatives say they have developed new tools to manage and control their presence on the social network. Some of them are:

  1. Creator App for Android. Until yesterday, the Creator App was available for iOS users only. If you are an Android user, you can download it from here.
  2. New video template for pages: the new template puts video and the community in the front and center of a page, with special modules for videos and groups.
  3. Rights manager: creators that post original content on their pages will have now a new tool to control how and where their content appears.


Engaging with the community

Growing a community is not an easy part of any creator’s life. Engaging with it might be difficult sometimes as well. Let’s see the new tools Facebook is introducing in order to encourage creators.

  1. Introducing top fans: we know well that every creator or page has top fans that interact with almost every post they do. Now, top fans will have a badge displayed in front of their names, being more easy to recognize. This also helps the creators in maintaining a close relationship with their top fans and encourage other fans to become top ones, if they see they have certain benefits.
  2. More videos to Facebook Watch: voices have said that Facebook Watch was a failure, but it seems they are pushing it forward. If until now, only selected creators have had the possibility to upload videos to Facebook Watch, now every creator around the world will be able to do so and videos from Pages will be transferred here as well.
  3. More interactive videos: think about the Facebook Live videos and how creative they would be if they were interactive and fans could tell, for example, creators what to do or say – just like at an improv show. The new set of tools will allow creators to shoot more creative videos.


Building a business on Facebook

Or, in other words, make money with Facebook. How? Let’s see in three easy steps:

  1. Fan subscriptions: Facebook has developed a tool that allows fans to pledge 4.99$/ month for exclusive content from the creators they follow. Just like Patreon also works.
  2. Brand collabs manager: brands will be able to look for Creators that can spread their message all over Facebook and the ones that fit their values and needs. Let the branded campaigns begin!
  3. Ad Breaks: for now, those will be available only in the USA and for creators that have longer content that makes people come back to watch it.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Creators, follow this link to see what this is all about!
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