Introducing Facebook Creator Studio App

Good news for all the creators and publishers out there: Facebook has launched a mobile version for the Facebook Creator Studio App

But before talking about the recently launched mobile app, let’s see what the Creator Studio is all about.

What is Facebook Creator Studio App?

The Creator Studio web app has been launched back in 2018 and gave all the publishers out there the possibility to manage and filter uploads in the page they owned gallery, upload multiple videos at the same time and get valuable insights about their audience. 

Besides those three features mentioned above, they can also find a sound library for their use, or sound effects to add to their clips. Which are really valuable, as they don’t have to look for them in other places. 

So it seems that the Creator Studio app is a must-have for all the publishers out there, as it gives lots of features and resources to be used in content creation.

After its success in the web version, Facebook has finally released a mobile one as well. So in case you were using the Creator Studio hub on the web versions, you will be familiar with the mobile one as well. 

Which are the features of the mobile Creator Studio app?

As we were mentioning before, all the features that you can find on the web app are also available for the mobile one:

  • connect with followers: you can directly answer to messages and comments in the app;
  • manage multiple pages from the same app and switch between them as you wish, without having to log out all the time;
  • get instant notifications for important milestones for your business;
  • get valuable insights for your pages and measurements of how engaging your content is. 

What do you think of Facebook’s latest launch? Do you use the Facebook Creator App studio? How helpful is it for your business? If you’re handling multiple accounts for individuals or businesses or just want to find out about another cool tool for Facebook, check out our best social media management tools comparison!

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