Facebook Brings Healthcare Information to Its Users

All over the world people are dealing with healthcare issues, whether we talk about the need for blood or reminders to do checkups on their health. 

Facebook comes with tools that remind people to donate blood in order to help the ones in need and, lately, they have developed a tool on Facebook for mobile, a new preventive health tool, but only for the US users at the moment.

How can this be of help?

Facebook currently focuses on two directions with the new tool:

  • setting reminders to schedule tests and mark when they are completed and also find places where they can find affordable care;
  • reminders for checkups and the tool that would give them health resources and checkup reminders.

Let’s see in more detail how it works

As we already said, the Preventive Health tool is only available in the US at the moment. So people there can go to their mobile app and find out which tests are recommended for them according to their age and sex. Some examples would be mammograms, cholesterol tests and even the flu vaccines, when the time of the year comes.

Most of the tests available to people are free of charge for the ones that have insurance. But most of people don’t, that is why the new tool shows Federally Qualified Health Centers near them, that serve everyone, no matter if they afford to pay for insurance or not. 

Their future plans include partnerships with more organizations from other countries as well in order to help people stay healthy and much as they can.

Privacy Matters

Of course all the data they collect should be private and after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, you might be concerned. But representatives say that all the data stays into your account and is not shared with Facebook, nor with the associations they work with.

Here‘s where you can find more information on the privacy of the Facebook Preventive Health tool.

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