Enjoy Music on Facebook – The New Wave

Facebook representatives have written a blog post in which they explain how they are going to integrate music with Facebook from now on.
Let’s see which are the two new Facebook updates they have come up with, so you can enjoy music on Facebook more.


The New Wave to Enjoy Music on Facebook


Share videos with music

It is well known that music plays an important role in everyone’s life and make important moments more enjoyable. Remember the song you chose for your first dance as a husband and wife? Or the song that reminds you of your first camp?
It is easier now to share videos of precious moments in your life on Facebook. Working closely with the music industry, people at Facebook make it more easy to share videos with music on your timeline.
For example, let’s say you are on holiday and film a video that you want to post to show your friends how much fun you have. If you think the video needs a soundtrack, you will be able to choose one from the library Facebook is offering.
They are testing this feature in selected markets at the moment, planning on going globally in the near future.


Lip Sync Live

The second major update in what music is concerned on Facebook is the lip sync live. Remember Musical.ly? Well, Facebook has taken its properties and introduced the possibility to sing a favorite song during your live video.
You can choose from a wide variety of songs and genres, from evergreen Guns’n’Roses song to more recent ones by Drake or other contemporary artists. If you want to share the moment with a friend, you also have the option to invite them to sing along with you.
How do you do this?
When you open a live video, select the lip sync live option and start the jam. Select a song from a list and add a specific description to your video. You can also include masks or other filters or a background that you would like to use.
When you start streaming, the name of the artist and song appear on the screen and your followers can tap on it to follow the artist on Facebook.
But this is not all. Facebook representatives say that they are also testing a functionality that allows users to add music to their Facebook stories.
What do you think of the new Facebook updates? Are they already available in your country?