E.gg – A New Product from Facebook’s NPE

Remember Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team? They are the ones that think of products, then build up and test them and then release them to the world to see what traction do they have and see if they are worthy to be a stand-alone app and add them to the portfolio.

What does E.gg do?

E.gg is the eleventh app developed by Facebook’s NPE team during the years and, if you go to its website, you will travel back in time. Because this was the best to describe the need behind the app: to go back in time when the Internet was something magical and raw for most of us.

In a world where everything has to be perfect – or so we think – E.gg goes back to the roots, when creativity didn’t have to obey any rule and people were free to share memes, GIFs and other type of content they pleased anywhere, anytime.

This is why E.gg has been created> to give users the possibility to be creative in their own way and share their work with peers they want to.

With E.gg, you can create pages – they look like a website presentation – that users can share with everyone they want to – the receiver is not obliged to have the app installed on his device.

The principles E.gg is based on are the following:

  1. Embrace your unpolished and exploratory mood.
  2. Give in your self-expression and accept your individualism.
  3. Uplift creativity and genuine interactions.
  4. Creativity is the best reward that comes out of your mind.

The test period is over for now, but you can still find the app in the US only and on iOS devices and web platform.

After the feedback they will get from a wider market, they might release it on Android as well and maybe even worldwide.

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