Does my customer love my brand?

New Movers and Brand Loaylty Your Relationship for Sale

Many brands are trying to build a long-term relationship with their customers, by getting them involved in different activities. Integrated marketing communication is a good way to apply,  in order to make sure that your brand messages goes to both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. Using different promotional efforts to get in touch with consumers it  might be a great strategy tostart building a beginning of a beautiful relationship.

According to Harris Interactive, 73% of consumers want to build a long-term relantionship with brands that reward them for being loyal. Harris Interactive report revealed that only 32% of the brands are using gifts as a way to reward their loyal customers and 34% of americans said that they have break up with some brands, because of their irrelevant marketing messages and spam. 

Being in the marketing business seams easy. I mean, what is so hard? Just sending messages here and there and talk about how amazing your brand is. But sometimes it is just not about talking loud about your product, is about talking different. People will not choose your brand, just because it screams louder. What you need to know is that: there’s no recipe for being a succesful brand! It is all work. 


Like every relationship, customer and brands are passing through a few levels of trust and understanding:


1. The first one is called “Let  me get to know you” and it is that great phase of a relantionship when customer and brands are getting connected by knowing each other’s characteristics and behaviors. 

2. The second one it might be called “One Night Stand”. It is like “I might like, but i’m not quite sure”. Here, brands have a big problems, because customers are not listening to them and they can run to competitors. 

3. It is the “Honeymoon”. It is that wonderful time when you and your customer are having the best time together. Here, marketers are focusing on creating personalized content  and they are developing online contests and offline activities in order to build a strong and powerful relantionship with customers. 

4. In this  forth stage, you guys are soulmates. Here, marketers should focus on maintaining the romance alive, without making any step back. 

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How many time have you asked this question: Does my customer love my brand?


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