DM for Instagram Web? Yes, Please!

There have been rumors that Instagram might finally roll out Direct Messages for Instagram web version of the app and it seems they are making baby steps towards this and started rolling out the possibility of receiving and sending DMs on the web.

What does this mean for Instagram?

Is this a way of transforming Instagram more and more into a web platform rather than a mobile one? No one knows at this moment, but after its launch on the web, it seems they want to give a helping hand to businesses or influencers that receive and have to answer to lots of messages per day and doing it from a phone might be not as comfortable as doing it from a laptop. 

For the moment, the new web feature is still being tested and has rolled out to a small part of the users. Feedback is welcomed from them in order to improve functionalities and make the best version of it. 

How will it work?

There will be no difference between the functionalities on mobile and the ones on the web. You will be able to send a DM to people you follow or brands; create groups; send photos you have on your desktop; double-tap to like a message and see how many unread DMs you have. You can even be notified when you receive a new message if you allow Instagram to send you notifications on the web. But this means you will also be notified when someone likes a post you have uploaded.

How will this change the future of messaging?

It is well known that Facebook’s other two communication platforms both have a web version – we’re talking here about Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. There have also been rumors that Facebook wants to integrate the three messaging platforms into one. But they first have to launch a version for Instagram and then try to integrate them all. In the meanwhile, it’s best to use one of these top social media management tools to manage all your social media messages in one place – and get so many more benefits like planning & scheduling posts in advance – versus going and checking messages on each individual platform.

What do you think about this new Instagram DM feature? Will it be helpful for your job duties?

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