How to Choose a Perfect Dissertation Writing Service?

Today, the majority of students around the world use the services of writing companies. This is mainly because of the demands piled on their shoulders and the strain for paying for tuition. As such, writing companies become an easy solution to this problem. 

The demand for writing services is always high. However, it is important to note that these services deliver different results. To get good grades and graduate, you’ll need to know the traits of a good writing services.

Failure to choose a reputable and reliable writing service will result in late submissions, poor quality work or worse, plagiarism. You have to do your research and find out whether it’s reputable and reliable.

Writing a dissertation is no easy process. But have you ever wondered why PhD candidates rarely fail? To graduate, you’ll need to defend your dissertation paper in front of a panel. To get to this point, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and energy in research and writing.

You’ll also have to complete different versions of your dissertation because the committee will continue giving you suggestions which you should consider before presenting your project. Fixing such issues usually takes months. It is a tough process, and only persistent candidates make it.

If the obstacles are too big or you have too many responsibilities that you cannot commit to this process, you’ll have to use dissertation writing services. You can hire a qualified writer anytime to help you do research, write or the editing processes.

A brief history of writing services

You probably think that writing services started with the internet. Yes, most writing companies have risen to the top, thanks to technology. However, these services were being offered in ancient times. 

Scribes used to provide writing services because there were very few literate people. Some used to copy and preserve important documents for wealthy people. Today, writing companies offer everything that you need to excel in your studies.

How a dissertation writing service can help you?

When you decided to become a PhD student, the word “impossible” was not a part of your vocabulary. You never thought of hiring a writer to help you complete your project. And yes, you are a smart and talented student because you’ve come this far. Writing a dissertation is challenging. Therefore, it’s wise to seek help from professionals to achieve your goals. Hiring a dissertation writer has many benefits:

  • Custom consultations – You’ll be working with your writer from the beginning to the end. You will submit the project guidelines that enable the writer to create a perfect project. You’ll share your ideas with the writer that will help him or her research and write. This means that the project will reflect your point of view.
  • High-quality work – In most cases, dissertation writing services hire writers who’ve earned a doctoral degree in your field of study. These writers are not only qualified but also experienced in writing dissertations. They are aware of the different formats and styles that they should maintain for you to meet the expectations of your supervisor and the committee.
  • Affordable price – The majority of students think that selecting a perfect dissertation writing service will cost them a leg. But this is not always the case. There are high-quality writing agencies that set affordable prices to make it easier for students to use them.
  • Unique work – The best writing services will always submit 100% unique content to their clients. If the content has been plagiarized, the company is expected to refund you. When you choose a good writing service, you can be sure that the writer will work on your paper from scratch and he or she will reference all the sources used. The dissertation will meet all the standards imposed by your college.
  • Great experience – The fact that you’ll be working together with your writer will lead to the development and improvement of your writing skills. You’ll get the opportunity to see how your writer moves from one stage to another. And most importantly, you’ll powerfully convey your ideas.
  • Free revision – Once the writer sends you the first version of your dissertation, you should go through it from the beginning to the end. By finding errors on time, a free revision will be done for you. You should also give it to your supervisor so that he or she can tell you what you need to change.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get by ordering a dissertation from a great service in the market. So, how do you find a perfect service that will help you get good grades? With all the options available on the web, it’s easy to get confused or choose the wrong one. Fortunately, we will make your life easier by sharing with you some proven tips that will help you make the right decision.

Recognizing a perfect writing service

With thousands of writing services out there, it’s important to know the signs of a reputable and legitimate agency. Here are some of the tips that will help you stay on track.

1. High-quality website

Today, many writing services are popping up everywhere. And they aim to scam as many customers as they can in the shortest time possible and then disappear. A service that scams people usually doesn’t come with a high-quality website. This vicious people do not want to spend their money; they want to make easy money quickly.

By looking at a website, you’ll get lots of impressions. Does it look cheap? Is it reliable? If you’re not okay with it, chances are it’s a scam. The website should be easy to navigate. Ensure that every important information is available on the website. They include prices, list of services offered, terms and conditions, customer support contacts, writers information, ordering process and guarantees such as 100% unique work, secure payments, timely submissions, and free revisions.

If the website has a great blog, that’s a good sign. It shows that the service invests resources and time to publish high-quality content. You should keep in mind that not all writing services with amazing websites are good for you. Listen to your intuition when choosing a writing service. You can never ignore your intuition and have things work out in the end.

2. Favorable terms and conditions

This is a critical part. While looking for a perfect writing service, you’ll notice that some of them have not published their terms and conditions on their sites. In most cases, such sites are scams. If you try to get a revision or a refund, you’ll be ignored. 

What website claims is important. And every claim should be supported in the terms and conditions. How does the service respond to free revisions and refunds? Is the payment processing secure? Go through all the terms and conditions listed before making the payment.

3. Fair prices

Does a high price indicate a better service? Not always. You can find a reputable and reliable agency that will deliver you’re your dissertation on time starting from $20. These agencies have a versatile team of writers who will start working on your dissertation as soon as you make the payment. And they’ll deliver high-quality work.

You should choose to work with a writer who is fully committed to delivering high-quality work based on your guidelines and ideas. By sticking to the average prices in the industry, you’ll have a lot of options. Avoid very cheap or expensive sites. Also, ensure that there are no hidden costs that you’ll have to pay later. Scamming services will charge you for a bibliography, formatting, and other things that you hadn’t planned to pay for.

4. Effective customer support

A service can have talented and experienced writers. However, if customer support isn’t effective, you will get stressed out and frustrated. Since the quality of your dissertation determines your performance, you’ll need to have direct access to your writer. 

You’ll want to be updated regularly on the progress as you provide additional instructions. You’ll also need to have access to the customer support department. You should get a response even if you contact the service at midnight.

To ensure that the customer support is effective, test the live chat or call them. Are they professional and reliable? Ask if they have a writer who can tackle your order right now. Ask for the writers’ qualifications. If they do not respond or answer your questions in the wrong way, proceed with your quest to the next site.

5. Customer reviews

A great reputation is one of the common characteristics of good service. It’s important to go through the reviews and ratings left behind by unbiased customers. 

You should not work with a website that doesn’t have any reviews or negative reviews. Otherwise, you’ll be the next one leaving a negative review. It’s easy to get carried away by good reviews. Therefore, you should preserve your common sense.  Take your time before making the payment to avoid wasting your resources.

6. Get a plagiarism report

The risk of plagiarism is high if you choose to work with the wrong writing service. Plagiarism is a very serious offense that can result in the cancellation of your project or worse, a suspension from the college. Before checking anything else, run your paper through a plagiarism detecting software that your school uses. 

The writer should also quote and reference any material used according to the guidelines. In most cases, a good writing company will submit your paper together with a free plagiarism report. Go through the terms and conditions to know what the company guarantees.

7. Ensure that writers are specialists

You need to know the person who will be working on your paper. Your writer should have the right education and experience to write your paper. As we said earlier, good writing companies should have writers with a Masters or PhD in your field of study. Working with an inexperienced writer is frustrating. And the last thing you want to happen is to fail just because you didn’t choose the right writer.

8. Have a study partner

Even if you’ll be tackling different topics, having a study partner will improve your performance. Being a lone wolf has its advantages. However, if you won’t get good grades easily, find yourself a study partner. 

With a study partner, you can find the right dissertation service, brainstorm ideas that you’ll share with your writers, check each other’s dissertation and even improve your presentation skills. Also, it’s very difficult for a lone wolf to know whether he or she is doing things right.  

You found the perfect service. What next?

Let’s say that you’ve found a perfect dissertation writing service that delivers 100% unique content before deadlines. You go ahead and place an order, but fail to collaborate with your writer. Can you expect high-quality work in return? Your writer will follow all the guidelines provided, but he or she is not a mind reader.

Another PhD student places a dissertation order from the same service and gets high-quality work in return.  But he does not allocate enough time to prepare for the defense. Instead of making a presentation, he reads his paper in front of the panel.

A third candidate places an order from the same service. She regularly checks how her writer is progressing and shares her ideas to improve the quality of the paper. After getting a high-quality paper, she does everything in her power to perform well during the defense. And she ends up impressing the committee not only with her research and writing but also her presentation skills.

You’d agree with me that the successful candidate is the third one. She invested a lot of time and resources from the beginning to the end of the process. Plus, she improved her presentation skills to impress the panel. As the popular saying goes, you only get what you put in. Therefore, if you want better results, you have to put in extra work. There is no shortcut to getting good grades.


No one can blame you for hiring a dissertation writer. Writing a dissertation is not the easiest thing in the world. If you cannot afford to fail, you’ll have to pick a reputable and reliable dissertation service with writers who are qualified and experienced. With these tips, you’ll easily spot scamming sites and pick the best.

Once your paper has been submitted by your writer, go through it. And most importantly, start preparing for your defense. Understanding your topic well and improving your presentation skills will greatly increase your chances of success.

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