Detailed study on Semantic Markup or Structured Data For SEO (Infographic)


Detailed Study on Semantic Markup comprises of everything that you would like to know about Structured Data for SEO. At the end of the infographic from this article, you will come to know that Semantic Markup is worth to your website.

Semantic Markup is a HTML code that keeps all related data in a same structure thus it is also known as structured data for SEO.

Google and other search engines promote Semantic Markup to show rich snippet on SERP, like below image:


RICH SNIPPET!  Isn’t it attractive?
Hell ya!  It’s attractive and even if you think it’s not than there is Second thing that you must know i.e. Google Humming Bird Update. It is been analyzed that Hummingbird update helps the user to find more accurate results or tries to show maximum results on SERP. So, if I am searching for a rating of Captain America: Winter Soldier than result will be like the image below:


From here I can get the rating directly and it saves my time to click and browse to check the rating.
Keeping all these points behind, there are few more benefits that can convince you to implement Semantic Markup.
1. Click Through Rate (CTR)
2. Traffic
3. Conversions
Semantic Markup affects directly to you website CTR, Traffic and conversion. You can check the benefits in the infographic as well.

Types of Semantic Markup

1.  Microdata (
2.  RDFA
3.  Microformats
Check out the comparison in the infographic.
From these Semantic Markup’s, Schema Microdata is best recommended by all search engines. Now you want to know the reason? Infographic is the answer of all your questions.
It is interesting that there are more than 100 places on your website where you can implement Semantic Markup likewise, Review, Video, Address, Organization, Person, Event, Recipe and many more…
If you are a beginner than go to schema-generator or use the code present on the infographic below made by Nine Hertz, to implement on your site. This will help you to get rich snippet on SERP.
Lastly, Semantic Markup is the future SEO and implementing it Semantics will open new gates to the road of endless traffic.
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