The Deepstash App Helps You Get Inspired and Productive Through Bite-Sized Ideas

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The internet has become an endless pool of content. The day, however, still has just 24 hours. With our attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it is hard to discover what matters most to you. Deepstash helps you with just that. Whether you know precisely what you are into, or you are just dipping your toes into various topics, Deepstash can deliver you the best articles, books, podcasts, and more, in a format that’s easy to grasp and quick to consume: key ideas. 

In short, you no longer have to spend 10 minutes to read a lengthy article, but rather 30 seconds to go through the main ideas, extracted by the vast community of curators. And unlike long articles which get lost after having been read once, we bring stashes to the table: your own collections of ideas, stored safely in your account, and ready to be shared with others.

And the coolest part is that anyone can contribute. In fact, your friends may already be on the platform, curating and sharing ideas. Everyone is welcome to contribute and grow the network of relevant content.

How did Deepstash spring to life?

It takes the seed of genius to be able to see the view from the other side of the river without crossing it first. This is, however, precisely what the founders did.

Having sold their previous B2B analytics venture to corporate social media platform Hootsuite, Dan & Vlad managed to spring back into the shoes of consumers and capture an insight that is nagging most of us, yet worrying none: there’s too much noise online and too little time to sift through it to find the actually good stuff. They joined forces with Cristian and a trio was formed.

Between fake news, mindless scrolling, and a severe FOMO every time our phones beep, they realized that our relationship with social media and the online environment has turned toxic, depriving us of the very benefits it was supposed to offer: bring meaning through sharing content. 

And this is how Deepstash was born.

The founders

Deepstash Founders - Hot in Social Media
Deepstash Founders

By their name, they are Vladimir Oane, Dan Ciotu, and Cristian Mezei. By their day job, they’re the CEO, the CTO, and the CMO at Deepstash. Like you and me, they are three fellow humans, in their thirties, who drink their coffees in the morning. 

What sets them apart, however, is their ability to envision a better future for all of us and then turn that vision into reality. And this passion and drive are shared by every one of the team members. They are all young minds with high aspirations and a genuine desire to see this product succeed in helping people better invest their time and bring them the most relevant information possible.

“We are not afraid of failure, we are afraid to stop trying.”

A free to use product now, but is monetization next?

The fuel of our efforts consists of an initial seed round of €3m. We want the user to have a clean, uninterrupted experience, so in-app advertising is out of the question. The entirety of our product is free, for now. We are looking at alternatives for monetization that will give the curators on the platform a stake of the revenue, but we don’t have any plans ready to disclose right now.

How used is Deepstash?

We have over 1 million registered users with a high percentage of daily active users. Our users are motivated to keep coming back both to find the latest featured content, and to fulfil their daily reading habit. People who start using the product quickly see its value and we encourage them to share it with those they care about.

Deepstash is currently available on the App Store (iPhone & iPad), Google Play as well as on the web.

What’s next?

Parties aren’t fun without friends. In fact, almost nothing is fun without friends. This year, Deepstash turned social.

But we want more than that – we want to enable our users to add their own favorite content, to curate their own ideas of what they find interesting, and to share their ideas with their friends and family. 

And we want to make this process as easy and organic as possible. We believe in the power of the community, and our latest update, we hope, plants the seed for just that.

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