Creating a Successful Facebook Page for Your Brand



With more than 1 billion members, Facebook offers excellent opportunities for businesses to engage, share and connect with their target audiences while spreading branded messages and promoting what they have to offer. The dilemma? Without a little extra effort and some creativity, most business pages fall short of that goal, falling in line with the millions of other businesses trying to do the same thing.
Rest easy, it’s still possible to stand out on Facebook, spreading targeted messages with successful outcomes. Follow the steps below to get started.

Creating a Successful Facebook Page for Your Brand


Use Images to Your Advantage

Facebook is ruled by a visual culture. Look at your own newsfeed; chances are images take up a lot of the space. They also leave the most room for comments and interaction. Your business page should be no different.
Take advantage of cover photos and profile images. Use them to give your brand a personality and think outside of the logo. Upload photos regularly with descriptions to allow for additional engagement opportunities.

Be Regular

Social media is not a once and done, or once a week, endeavor. To use your Facebook page for your brand, you must put time into it on a regular basis. A simple way to maintain a consistent presence is to cross-share content from multiple platforms. If your company just created an infographic, share the link on Facebook.


Mobile devices have increased Facebook use to the point that most users check their accounts 14 times a day, according to a recent study. Each of these log-ins provides your brand with the opportunity to be on a newsfeed and to gain attention; don’t miss out.

Learn About Insights

Facebook insights allow page managers to track their brand’s activity, to learn about what tactics are successful and which have fallen short. This, like any analytics report, gives business owners the chance to hone their social media marketing to be as successful as possible. Insights allow brands to track the reach of each post, engagement levels, and more.

Respond, Respond, Respond

Followers and fans post on Facebook pages for a reason; they’re tired of e-mails being ignored and they’re looking to interact. Whether a comment is negative or positive, it provides an avenue to start a conversation, to show that the thoughts and opinions of your target demographic matter to you. Take the time to look through comments and posts that have been shared on your page, and respond publicly when possible. With more sensitive matters, make a point to demonstrate action publicly – for example, “Thank you for your feedback, please direct message me your e-mail address so I can adequately respond.”

Ask Away

Sometimes conversations on brand pages are slow. This doesn’t mean you should wait for them to start moving again; take action. Ask questions and encourage your followers to respond; questions don’t have to be related to one of your products or services. Think outside the box – current events, general opinions and more can all be conversation starters. This Facebook page engagement tactic encourages fans to share pictures of their prized mustangs. Asking your followers to engage shows that you care.



Learn About Investment Opportunities

In the past, advertising wasn’t necessary for Facebook success; the game has changed. Sponsored posts, ads and retargeting allow brands to draw in followers. Because of strict controls and limits in combination with per-click rates, Facebook advertising offers a more cost-effective strategy than other online advertising options. Think about the specific audience you’re trying to reach – age, location, interests and more – and consider creating a trial campaign. Watch the results and think about scaling your campaign in the future.

Strive to Provide Value at All Times

Social media users don’t have time for more clutter; their walls are already full of it. Instead, in many situations, when searching for brands, they’re looking for value. They want answers to specific questions, and they want to know how to proceed in certain situations. You can be a resource. Create content that answers questions you’re commonly asked or gives information on industry news that could affect purchasing decisions. By providing content regularly that adds value, you’re giving followers a reason to return to your page, increasing the opportunity to connect.
Branded Facebook pages aren’t just an option; they’re necessary for success. However, unless the right methods and tactics are utilized, they can fall short. Get started on your company’s Facebook presence today.

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