Create Compelling Content for Social Media


For companies wishing to take great strides in their marketing strategies, a second glance at social media platforms may be well worth their notice. As much of the world has moved to online forms for selling and purchasing, it is now necessary for companies to make their online presence known. To do this effectively, marketers must learn the ways of social media. One of the best ways to do that is to figure out how to create compelling content for those social media outlets.

Here are a few of the best ways to create compelling content for Social Media


1. Know Your audience

Figure out to whom you are marketing. To do this, take a look at the products you offer. If you are a company who specializes in renewable energy and solar power, you may want to consider doing some research into sites that are geared towards entrepreneurs and startups. Frame your content around issues that these new business owners will be considering.
Is the product efficient for their company’s needs? Can you offer a quality product that is effective that won’t break bank? How will it help the development of their company? By asking these questions, you’ll figure out what your company has to offer the targeted audience and how to answer their questions with the solution of your product.

2. Use Infographics

Infographics are great for telling your company’s story in a way that is quick and succinct. Pamela Vaughan, from HubSpot, has some great insight into how to create one if you’re new to the infographic scene. By shortening words and adding visual content, you’ll find that your story will be much more compelling to the average viewer.
A great example comes from Clarity Way’s infographic The Cost of Drugs. The graphic compares the cost of researching and producing drugs in the United States versus other countries in the world. The result is an interesting take on America’s part in the pharmaceutical world today.

3. Use Current Events to Create

The best content speaks to something that’s going on currently. Use current events to engage your potential customers with creative content. For example, if a storm is entering your targeted area, come up with a funny visual of your content “saving” the customer from the storm. For a car company, this could be a visual of someone on a moped, getting drenched in the rain, with a caption, “Ready for a real car?”

4. Respond to Customers’ Content

The great thing about social media is that it allows you to have a conversation with your potential customers. Note the sort of content they are looking at and posting, and respond to it with your own. In this way, you’ll be creating a reciprocal exchange that requires others to note your response.

5. Watch Your Timing

It’s easy to get carried away and post too much. Allow each of your posts time to “sink in” the social media sphere. Even though sharing someone else’s photo may seem like a great idea, think about how posting it will affect what your company has just put out for the world to see. If it will conflict, rethink pressing that “share” button. You may want to also steer clear of posts or tweets that go out automatically, as you never know what may happen in “real” time that can completely change what you should be saying.
By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to create content for social media, that is compelling and share-worthy. Just remember to keep it interesting.

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