Cracking The Linkedin Engagement Code


Are you ready to crack the Linkedin Engagement Code? Yeahhhh!!!
Have you recently noticed a lack of engagement with your LinkedIn network? Well you’re not alone, but you also may be to blame. Don’t wait around for people interact with you! You must be the catalyst for engagement.
172 000 new people sign up every day to a join a 259,000,000 user audience. Linkedin is the third social network after Facebook and Twitter and if you want to convert more leads and sales, this is channel you can’t ignore anymore.
According to Simple Measured survey, 55% of brands are using this channel to share company updates to drive engagement on company pages. Recently awarded as the best Linkedin company page, Adobe created showcased pages to allow for customized messaging and Linkedin engagement in their unique audience segments.

Here are a few simple ways to get more traffic from Linkedin:

  • Post images you’ll notice that you’ll get 98% more comments.
  • Include links helps you drive 200% more engagement
  • If you link to your YouTube videos from LinkedIn, on average you’ll generate 75% more shares.
  • Bear in mind that 60% of your connections on LinkedIn are interested in industry updates, while only 43% are interested in news and products from your company.
  • Post as often as possible to get noticed and it will help reach 60% of your unique audience monthly.
  • Join relevant groups and post industry updates.

If you are not doing these simple steps to crack Linkedin engagement, I hope this Quick Sprout infographic changes your mind.

So what other ways can you leverage LinkedIn engagement?


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