Countdown Sticker to Instagram Stories

In an attempt to be even more interactive, Instagram is introducing more and more stickers and functionalities.

This time, it is a new countdown sticker that has appeared in the stories tray, alongside with the GIFs, polls, Emojis and all the others.

How to use Countdown Sticker to Instagram Stories?

The steps to take in order to add the counter sticker to your stories are the same that you take to add any sticker.

  1. Take a photo or record a video in the Stories Mode.
  2. Go to the stickers tray.
  3. Select the newest one you see there – as in the countdown sticker.
  4. Add a countdown for an event you have in mind.
  5. Write down the name of the event.
  6. Select a start or end date.
  7. Position the sticker wherever it fits the story.
  8. Change its color – this is an optional step.
  9. Post it as a sticker to your story.
  10. Share your story with your followers.

After you have posted the Story with the countdown sticker, any of your followers will be able to share your countdown. So you might wanna be careful with what you post over there. They will also be able to set a countdown to your event. So, then again, be careful what you share on your profile, it might get uninvited guests.

But this is actually a good feature for brands. Because there are many events they can use the counter sticker for: 

  • an actual event happening: a launch party, a conference, a meet-up;
  • an online product launch, a Q&A;
  • a sales promotion ending, a sales promotion beginning;
  • brand awareness and increase user’s interaction with the brand – ask your followers to share the countdown with their followers and give some kind of prize for this – for example.

And from this point of view, it is all about the marketers’ imagination and the brand’s need that the countdown sticker stories are used.

So what do you think about the new sticker in Insta Stories? Will you use it? Do you think it is helpful?

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