Combining Email and Facebook that Will Make You Boost Ecommerce Marketing

Most marketers view social advertising and email marketing as two separate things. However, combining these two different avenues for a logical marketing campaign produce some pretty excellent results.
Here is a breakdown of few ways to combine email and Facebook for multi-channel triumph.

Combining Email and Facebook that Will Make You Boost Ecommerce Marketing


Email lists can create Custom Audiences on Facebook

Most E-commerce businesses need an email address when completing a purchase, and many instances you can see what item the person purchased. Keeping a segmented and organized email list is the primary step to social advertising success.
If you own an online clothing e-commerce that specializes in artistic t-shirts for men and women, make individual lists separating gender and categories. If you are using a CRM like Salesforce, Mailchimp, or Hubspot, you can spread these contact lists as. CVS files and you can upload it after to Facebook using Ads Manager under the “Audiences.”
When you log in to your Business Manager account or Ads Manager, go to the ad account and click the top left-hand corner of the page which is the drop-down hamburger menu. If the “Audiences” section does not show in the “Frequently Used” section, click “All Tools” and you will see it under “Assets” section.
Right after you click on “create a custom audience,” you will need to choose the “customer file” and then select “choose a file or copy, ” and you will prompt to upload yours. CSV file to Facebook.
Facebook will match with the emails with particular Facebook users with twenty to seventy percent match rate, but for e-commerce sites, those numbers used to be on the higher side.

Email lists can create Facebook Audiences

One of the best features of Facebook ads is the capability to produce lookalike audiences from uploaded email lists before. Facebook will be the same as the corresponding profiles of the individuals in your email lists with a wider group of people who have the same profiles based on behaviors, demographics, and interests.
In as much as your email list comprises of more than one hundred people, Facebook can create a lookalike audience. It means, the more individuals that you include on the original email list, there will be more the same lookalike audience.
In producing your lookalike audience, you choose a country and select anywhere from one to ten percent of the population of a country.
Once there is already a lookalike audience, you can add a target above the lookalike. For example, the clothing store, you could have an audience of 20 million and attach other behavior which targets men’s fashion and online purchasers. That is already a particular audience.

Launching simultaneous campaigns for maximum reach

Organize a social promotion which targets your particular email list. Then increase the allocation to make sure that everyone can see your advertisement at least once during the campaign.
An excellent way to fulfill this is through looking at the close reach when producing an ad campaign and ensuring that you have a high budget that the approximated range per day are equal with some folks on your email list.
Carousel ads are excellent for e-commerce businesses because they can display various goods without upgrading your campaign price. Another interesting thing is that the email did not lead to any sales directly.

Additional strategies


  • Develop a newly separated list for sale buyers

If you want to launch a promotion for sale through this tactic, different every new email address that you get into the list of “sale buyers.”
There is a huge chance that these people want to purchase your product and also waited until there will be a sale, but probably, these individuals are shoppers who want to buy because the deal you’re promoting is exclusive.
It now provides you a list of consumers who buys during sales, and later on, you can try out some other promotional deals. If you do not provide free shipping frequently, have a period of two-day when you do, and specifically target these people.

  • Use lookalike audiences

From the example above, the only target is the custom audience of subscribers on the email. But taking it even further, producing a wider audience from the lookalike audience would be a perfect audience to target too.
What another way to better promote your product and brand to a prospect than to offer a sale immediately? You can also additionally target these audiences to be significantly precise.


Always keep in mind that it is necessary to make sure that your budget lines up with some people that you try to reach and to utilize astonishing images to grab the attention of your audience. These strategies will surely work, but you can still have any additional tactics for email and social success.
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