Choosing the Perfect Local SEO Strategy and Increasing Business Revenue through Your Website

Bringing in money through your website can be a little bit of a challenge. There are a number of things that you will need to do in order to keep your performance at its best and at the same time earn good revenue from your efforts. It is one thing to have a very popular website that has huge traffic heading in its direction and another totally different thing to have a fantastic website that is a gold mine. One of the hottest ways to bring in money nowadays is to make use of local search engine optimization. Local SEO has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. It has become exceedingly popular for a number of reasons, mainly the fact that it kills two birds at once.
Local SEO has been shown to be a great way to bring in targeted traffic. Do you own a business in Denver, Colorado and you would like to let the residents know about your business through your site? Local SEO can help you do that. It is a really clever way to reach your target market with ease. Another fantastic thing about local SEO is that it can help you make profits by engaging the internet users. This is always difficult but not as difficult if your business is serving multiple locations. Is it possible to make the most of local SEO when you have several locations that are being served by your business?

Local SEO strategy for multi-location businesses

What is worth noting about local SEO is that in as much as the term tends to refer to one location, you can make use of it in as many locations as your business operates in. It is really expensive to run an SEO campaign. Developing a website for your business is a very costly affair. Can you imagine creating multiple websites for the different locations that your business operates in? Creating individual location landing pages for all your physical business locations plus franchise systems is not a walk in the park. It is not easy at all. At least that is what most people tend to think when local SEO comes up as a topic of discussion.
Developing landing pages for locations that are an extension of the primary brand domain makes it possible for the brand to capture valuable positions on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Essentially, local SEO operates on the basics of SEO. The goal is to give the business a good ranking on the search engines. While on the first few pages of a Google search is good for your business, it is even better if you are able to get money. This is why it is important to seek the expertise of a team of experts in SEO. Leveraging the power of a local SEO strategy that can help to drive sales is by tapping into geo-specific search terms and phrases can help your business grow its revenue dramatically.

Seek expertise in local SEO

Engage the Crowd is one of the leading SEO companies that have gotten a grip on how to get the local SEO right. With this company, the goal lies not only in bringing traffic but also getting the money to come to you. Seeking such professional expertise is very important as it can help you figure out the perfect strategy to employ in your local SEO works. Before going any further into this article, it is worth mentioning the fact that local SEO strategies are many and there is not a single one of them that is perfect. The difference is how you make use of it and whether you have selected one that fits your business’ needs and requirements.
There are two main strategies that have elicited much debate across the world. They actually hold all the other local SEO practices that you can employ to keep your business performing at its best.

1. Decentralized strategy

Generally, developing a decentralized strategy involves giving your individual franchisees the opportunity to run their own digital marketing programs on their own. There are no guidelines set by the brand. In fact, the brand or corporate teams do not really bother with the management of the program. Each of the franchisees is responsible for their own local digital marketing program. When it comes to the SEO in specific, there will be multiple domains for the same program.
For instance, think of a company ABC that has operations in Miami, Brooklyn, Manhattan and some other random location. With a decentralized local SEO strategy, this company will have multiple websites that are run by the franchisees in the different locations. The domains will be something like, and so forth. This can be a challenge in its own right though since each domain has to be managed separately and this can cost the brand the chance to build that valuable rank authority they can obtain around one primary domain. This strategy is great for creating competition within a business but leaves the business with a big amount of resources to handle.

2. Centralized Local SEO

You can almost guess what you will not find in a centralized SEO strategy. The brand management team is in complete control over the decision-making regarding key aspects of both the hyper-local and national strategies. There is a single primary domain that continues to build authority over time. It gives the brand the opportunity to improve its link acquisition, which is one of the most important signals that help to drive ranking up.

Bottom line

The centralized strategy sounds a whole lot better than the decentralized one from an SEO standpoint. However, this is not always the case. As abovementioned, the quality of results that you will get depends primarily on your business itself and its needs. When you seek the services of an SEO agency, this is the first thing that they should try to understand. Once you have understood your business’ local SEO needs, you will not have a difficult time developing a strategy that fits your specific needs and preferences.
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