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Snapchat Introduces 3D Camera Mode

Last month, Snapchat has announced the launch of their new glasses, Spectacles 3, that allow capturing images in 3D. As a...

Did Snapchat Made a Huge Mistake in Rebuffing Facebook?

Remember how last fall Snapchat was the hot thing you and all your friends were using? Well, by next spring you may have forgotten all about Snapchat and moved on to...

Snap + Shopify = New Partnership

Shopify is the platform where small businesses can sell their products and it already has partnerships with Facebook and Twitter that allow those businesses working with them to advertise...

Introducing Snap Games

Snapchat was launched eight years ago to make communication easier and to give it another dimension by sending quick snaps to friends and followers.  But real...

Snap Partner Summit Is Coming with Big News for Snapchat

Snap Partner Summit 2020 has taken place yesterday and Snapchat representatives have announced lots of news on what's to come for the social network: both in terms of functionalities...

Snapchat Introduces “Here For You”, A New Feature For Mental Health

It is well known that the major disease of this century is depression and people of any age fight with it. And, what's more important, studies say that social...

Bitmoji In Snapchat Games SDK

If you are a Snapchat user, you know you can create a Bitmoji that is very alike you and create its personality depending on your move.

Snapchat Introduces Snap Kit

In a moment when Facebook is trying its best to reconquer both people's trust and hearts, Snapchat is finally launching a platform for developers to play with, called: Snap Kit.     What types of...

Snapchat Launched Snappables

In a world where every app is updating its terms and conditions, Snapchat comes with a different change and introduces Snappables, lenses that allow you to play augmented reality (AR) games....

Snapchat Teams Up with Reddit

iOS Reddit and Snapchat users are happy now because starting recently they can share Reddit content to Snapchat. 

Is the Snapchat Paperclip the Solution to all Snapchat’s Problems?

As we all know, Snapchat’s going through some rough time. Let’s say that if it had a Facebook account the latest update would have been “In a complicated relationship with the...

Group Video Calls are Coming to Snapchat

In a moment when the #deletefacebook movement is gaining more and more visibility and adepts, Snapchat seems to introduce more and more features in order to keep their existing audience and...

GIF Stickers Have Arrived to Snapchat

It seems like the history is not repeating this time, Snapchat being the ones copying Instagram by introducing GIFs stickers to their stories, provided by the one and only, Giphy. We'll...

Spectacles V2 Is About to Come out

Snapchat has recently announced that they will launch the new Spectacles V2 on May 3rd in the US and some other countries in Europe. They come with improvements after listening to...
Shoppable AR from Snapchat - Gucci

New Shoppable AR from Snapchat

Remember when we were telling you about the news the Snap Partner Summit will bring for the social network? There many and covering multiple fields. Some of them are...

Take a picture of an object on Snapchat and buy it on Amazon

It was about time for Snapchat to do something new with their app and introduce a new feature in order to bring users back or to bring new users to their...

3 Incredible Tips for Brands to Build a Successful Snapchat Channel

Building a brand on Snapchat can be counterintuitive; oftentimes going against everything you’ve learned about social media marketing. If you think you’re some sort of Social Media Guru; then brace yourself...
Snapchat vs Instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram – Comparisons For Beginners

Are you wondering between using Snapchat vs Instagram? Do not worry if you are. As the matter of fact, many social media marketers around the world are experiencing the same challenge. Both Instagram...


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