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Instagram Passed 150 Million Monthly Active Users

  Instagram announced yesterday on their blog a new milestone: 150 Million Monthly Active Users. Their last important milestone was also this year (February 27, 2013) , when Instagram passed 100 Million Active...

Using Instagram to Boost Fan Engagement

  When businesses first consider using social media as a marketing tool, a necessary step in today’s day and age, as just about everyone and everything is online, their first thoughts are...

Instagram lets Buffer users schedule their posts … almost

Signifying Buffer's dominance in the world of social media management, Instagram has now partnered with the social tool to allow users to schedule their posts ahead of time. Before you sign...

How To Use Instagram For Business?

Instagram marketing is no longer a secret. Your business needs to be on Instagram regardless whatever industry you are in. As of this year (2017), Instagram has 600 million active users on...


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