How Netflix is Giving Control on Facebook

  Whether it's binge-watching or stumbling upon a little-known flick, it goes without saying that Netflix appeals to various tastes. However, think about the way that the well-known streaming service is associated...

How Do I Use Facebook Messenger For Business?

Do you know Facebook Messenger is a great tool for communication and business? As a business consultant, one of the most common questions asked by my fellow clients is how to...

Is Facebook Implementing a “Dislike” Button?

It seems like people have been demanding a "Dislike" button on Facebook for quite some time. With so many posts to be seen on arguably the largest social media network in...

Facebook Brings Healthcare Information to Its Users

All over the world people are dealing with healthcare issues, whether we talk about the need for blood or reminders to do checkups on their health. 

Facebook Brings Shops Within Their App

You are for sure aware of the existence of Marketplace on Facebook, but what you must know is that recently Facebook has also launched a new feature for e-commerce...

How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy (Infographic)

In the middle of January this year, Facebook launched their new search engine: Facebook Graph Search. In the next period, Facebook prepares Graph Search for worldwide release. One of the most important...

What Is Facebook Phone App?

  As Facebook becomes bigger, it's becoming increasingly clear that the social media network in question wants to be more of an overall communications hub. Everything from instant messaging to general social...

A Viral Facebook Campaign raise 1 Million Likes in seven hours

"Hi World. We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes! He doesn't think we can do it! So 'LIKE' this!" This is...

7 Elements to a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

These seven strategies can help you to drive more targeted and high-converting traffic to your company's website, increase brand recognition and improve the reviews and ratings that customers give to your...

Facebook Pay – New Payment Method by Facebook

We have Apple Pay. We have Google Pay. And now it was about high time for Facebook to launch its own payment solution: Facebook Pay. This...

Facebook Gift Cards For Local Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Businesses all over the world are affected by the mondial crisis we are currently living, called Covid-19. And besides the health crisis that is affecting us, an economic one...
Social Media Quotes

90+ Social Media Quotes For Every Soul

Social media has profoundly infiltrated our lives. With 79% of Americans using social media in 2019, I think we can safely assume most people...

How Facebook Cost a Daycare Worker’s Job

We have to be mindful about what we put on the Internet. In this day and age, when information is so readily available, one must be careful when creating personal content....

Facebook Cheat Sheet Sizes And Dimensions (Infographic)

  Almost every year, Facebook make one or more changes regarding its ads image sizes. This Facebook cheat sheet sizes and dimensions infographic made by Techwyse, is an useful tool especially for the...

The Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Because the size of the images on the most popular social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) has been changed in the past few years, Lunametrics have done a complete...

History, evolution and influence in Social Media (part 2)

  Here is the second part of the: History, evolution and influence in Social Media made by Hot in Social Media. Major Advances in Social Networking   Friendster Friendster was really the first modern, general social...

The Greater Benefits of Pets on Social Media

We deal with stress and trying times in different ways. Some of us rely on animals for the sake of stress management, whether it's to relax after a long day of...

Facebook Live: The Surefire Way to Getting Audience Involved

Image source It has always been a challenge to get your audience involved especially if you are on Facebook, where there are thousands if not millions of pages of businesses you have...


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