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What Is Facebook Phone App?

  As Facebook becomes bigger, it's becoming increasingly clear that the social media network in question wants to be more of an overall communications hub. Everything from instant messaging to general social...

From Teens to Trades: Facebook’s Loss of Ground

Anyone who’s been staying up-to-date with news regarding Facebook will most likely know about the changes it has made as of late. For example, Facebook’s reported decrease in organic reach last...

How Facebook Has Created Opportunities

  Social media has expanded to the point where everyone uses it. Family members, friends, and work colleagues alike can take part in various websites, as these can help to spur communication...

Tips in Advertising using Social Media Account

Advertising is an essential act that every businessman should partake. Knowing the art of advertising is an effort and there are many ways to do that, but this time, since our...

How to Prevent Your Twitter From Being Hacked

  Twitter hacks have been common in 2013 — or, at the very least, people hear about them more than they do about other types of account hacks. Hackers don't just target...


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