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2019 Digital Marketing Trends From 18 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

At the beginning of every year the marketing department of every company on the planet are thinking about a new strategic marketing plan... or at least they’d better...
Social Distancing

Social Distancing – Our Civil Duty to Save Lives

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve definitely heard about the new COVID-19 virus that wreaks havoc around the world and you’ve most likely...

Snapchat Cameo – A New Snapchat Feature That Will Add Your Face In Videos

After a long period of silence, with not many updates of new features for Snapchat, they are finally coming up with a new feature...
30 Best Social Media Management Tools

30 Social Media Management Tools

Whether you’re a freelance social media professional, a small business or an agency, you need a social media management tool to help you manage...

2020 Digital Marketing Trends From 22 Marketing Experts

In 2019, the digital ad spending was half of the global worldwide ad market (for the first time ever), and by 2023 it will...
How COVID-19 Changed Social Media

How COVID-19 Changed Social Media

Brands may face a communication crisis at least once in their history. The worst-case scenario might happen when anyone is expecting the least. But...
Best Funny Facebook Status Updates

The Best Funny Facebook Status Updates — Examples and Tips

If you’re looking for really funny Facebook status updates that will get likes and comments, you’re in the right place.  In...
2021 Digital Marketing Trends

2021 Digital Marketing Trends From 20+ Marketing Experts

2020 was a year to remember for a long time from now, and that is because of the global pandemic...

50 Videos That Have More Than 1 Billion Views on YouTube (Infographic)

Today (February 28, 2017), Nicky Jam with his song "Hasta el Amanecer" became the 50 video in the world that has more than 1 billion views on YouTube. It has been just...

2019 Social Media Marketing Tips From 16 Marketing Experts (Video Answers)

There are some social media marketing tips that are very important, but you overlook them because they do not seem important to you. Sometimes a useful social media tip that...

16 of the Most Interesting Findings from Social Media Studies in 2019

2019 was a really interesting year for social media. A lot of studies and surveys came out with surprising results, from Facebook and social media use...
Remove Date of Birth From Your Google Account and Facebook

How to Remove Date of Birth From Your Google Account and Facebook?

If you don’t want all your social media friends, and the whole Internet for that matter, to know your birthday — first of all,...

How to Build and Manage a Private Facebook Group

Facebook is the social media king that continues to rule over the entire marketplace. It is also one of the best places to build a community online, mostly because your audience...

How to Make Money on Instagram in 2020?

Can you make money on Instagram? As Instagram is becoming one of the most powerful social media platforms, many people...

Byte App – Everything you need to know about the successor of Vine

When Vine shut down in 2016, it left a massive hole in the hearts of all of its fans and users. 

10 Growth Hacks To Find Social Media Clients for Your 2018

It’s a great time to be in a social media agency. With so many resources to generate content, edit images, schedule posts, design creative content, brainstorm ideas - it’s never been...

27 Expert Opinions About The Top 3 Social Media Networks in 2017

2017 has just begun and there are a lot of people who are using different social media networks for personal uses but want to know which is the best if they...

6 Reasons Why Tinder Should Be Treated As Another Social Media App

How can a dating app be used to promote your business, you might ask? But wasn't similar questions asked when Twitter appeared on our radar? Or when Snapchat stormed the lives...


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