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Twitter marketing strategies 2015

Twitter Marketing Strategies: What You Need To Know Today?

A few days ago, I came across a post from the one and only, Chris Brogan and he was asking about Twitter marketing. The topic was simple: is Twitter marketing still...

The Ultimate Social Media Image Dimensions 2015 (Infographic)

Social media marketing is one reliably priced, yet very effective and most reaching marketing coverage of present time. Businesses spread so much over the social networks these days, you can keep...
Instagram and twitter

How To Leverage Instagram And Twitter For Business?

What if I tell you that you could leverage Instagram and Twitter for business together, instead of just going with one? The reality is that you could perform extremely well with both social...

How Twitter Users Can Better Filter Content

  Not every tweet you receive, on Twitter, is going to be the most thought-out. Everything from spam selling you on products you don't want to trolls hurling the most sophomoric insults...

Vine vs Vimeo: Battle of the Video Sharing Platforms (Infographic)

YouTube has 1 billion plus unique users visiting its website each month and there are 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. It is the dominant video sharing platform....

4 Simple Tactics To Get More Twitter Followers

The internet marketing world has become ruled by content. No matter where you look, words are used by marketers to communicate only the information that they want their audiences to hear....

Social Media Trends in 2015 and Content Tips

Would you be surprised to find out that one of the social media trends in 2015 is related to powerful storytelling? I guess not. In 2015, marketers should focus on creating...

5 Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Twitter Conversion Rates

I’m sure you must’ve already read dozens of blog posts about Twitter conversion rates and highlighting the importance of a vibrant and engaging Twitter account for businesses these days. There’s a...

The Ultimate Social Media Ad Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2014 (Infographic)

  Every big social media network available nowadays like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc., monetize their trafic by different types of ads. Because of this different types of social ad sizes, marketers...

3 Ways to Make Your Press Releases Appealing To Journalists

Are you sending press releases? Do you know how to make press releases appealing to journalists? Working with social media to achieve the goals of your PR campaigns is really fun. From...

Twitter the New Ecommerce Platform

  It's important to note that the idea of purchases, over social media, isn't anything new. In fact, a few months ago, Facebook tested out a "Buy" button on not only computers...

The Beauty of Sand – Best photos from Twitter (11-17.08.2014)

  Last week started a photo competition on Twitter: Best photos from Twitter. We don't had a lot of photos with the #hotinsocialmedia hashtag on our first edition of  "Best photos from...

Best photos from Twitter

  Starting today (August 11) will promote every week the best photos from Twitter. If you want your photos to be promoted weekly (every Monday) on you'll have to follow three...

What is the ROI of Twitter?

When it comes for opening a social media account for a company, marketers are choosing Facebook; Twitter remains their second option almost all the time. Twitter is a mistery for many marketers,...

The 2014 World Cup and Social Media Win Big

  When most Americans hear the word “football,” they think of a brown ball with white stitching, a 100-yard field, and Sundays spent cozied up around the TV. Every four years, though,...

Twitter Incorporates Use of GIFs

Image source Twitter has taken advantage of the growing popularity of GIFs and has created a new feature for adding them to your Twitter posts. GIFs, small animated clips that repeat themselves,...

How To Use Twitter For Your Business (Infographic)

Many small and medium sized businesse (SMBs) put themselves a very simple and appropriate question: How to use Twitter for my business? Twitter partnered with a research company (DB5) and surveyed 1100...

6 Seconds Is Enough to Create A Rocking Brand Awareness with Vine

  You have probably heard about social media giant, Twitter’s new short video sharing platform: Vine. Launched in early 2013, Vine has already taken the market by storm. Within a short span...


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