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What happens online in just 60 seconds? (Infographic)

Have you ever ask yourself how many things are happening in just 1 minute on the internet? The guys from Qmee made the Infographic below with the most interesting things that...

7 Tools to Help You Rock Pinterest

  Pinterest became a popular social network in 2010 due to its dynamic picture and bookmarking features. This past year social media as a whole has seen a shift in the type...

Using Social Media For Any Industry

If you’ve ever dismissed social media as not being relevant for your brand, you might want to think again. We have a natural tendency to assume that social works best for...

How to Optimize Your Images to Get More Repins On Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the key social media channels devoted to images and photographs. Users share their interests, their passions, and events in the form of tables which accumulate pins. Companies...

Pinterest French Edition

  Yesterday ( June 11, 2013) Pinterest launched a localized French edition. Because there is a community of French Pinners, this local Pinterest French Edition came natural as they say from a...

How to find the right Father’s Day Gift with Pinterest?

Struggling to find the right gift for your Father this Sunday (16th June) then don't threat as your social media friend Pinterest is here to help you find the perfect gift...

Internet Users Who Use Social Networking Tools (Infographic)

In the Social Networking Tools Infographic below, Adweek take some interesting data from the guys of Pew Research Centre and make a presentation of the typical internet user profile. From this infographic you...

Pinterest New Look For Everyone

On January 28 the guys from Pinterest, started to test with a small group of people the Pinterest New Look. Yesterday, the Pinterest team announced on their blog, that they started sharing...

Pinterest Web Analytics

2 day ago (March 12) Pinterest announce on their blog a new option available: Pinterest Web Analytics. This is an interesting and useful tool to see how many people have pinned...

Top Social Media stories 2012

  ‘Gangnam Style’ became the Most Viewed YouTube Video of All Time and it passed 1 Billion Views on YouTube this days, Facebook Timeline, SOPA, and U.S. President Barack Obama's re-election were...

The Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Because the size of the images on the most popular social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) has been changed in the past few years, Lunametrics have done a complete...

Social Media Revolution 2013

  This YouTube video made by people from Socialnomics is a synthesis of the evolution of social media and how deep Internet influences our daily life. Social Media Revolution 2013   The video contains updated...


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