Social Media Infographics

The Ultimate Social Media Ad Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2014 (Infographic)

  Every big social media network available nowadays like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin etc., monetize their trafic by different types of ads. Because of this different types of social ad sizes, marketers...

How addiction to Facebook affects our minds (Infographic)

Internet and addiction to Facebook can have damaging psychological effects, such as a decrease in our attention span.   How addiction to Facebook affects our minds   In China, South Korea and Taiwan “Internet Addiction Disorder”...

Instagram Marketing Tips From The Best Brands (Infographic)

The modern consumer is different to the consumer of a bygone era. Of course, it has always been important to build relationships with customers, but how we do this has completely...

What your Instagram Filters says about you (Infographic)

  A month ago, Instagram just passed 100 Million monthly active users. Today, this 100 million users, post 40 million photos daily, give 8500 likes and make 1000 comments per second. Most of...

Yahoo! The End Of An Era (Infographic)

  Yahoo! The End Of An Era   1. The Basics - Not everyone is going to remember this but there was a time not too long ago when Yahoo was the most popular...

Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid (Infographic)

Essentially, there are a lot of ways to consider when working as an SEO for a particular brand or company, or even for your own business. There’s the particular keyword/ key...

Who is Winning the Global E-commerce Marathon: Amazon or Alibaba? (Infographic)

It's battle time in the e-commerce world and there's no denying it. Over the past 20 years, it has evolved so much that most consumers today prefer virtual shopping to actually visiting...

3 Million Company Pages on LinkedIn (Infographic)

Last week (June 27), LinkedIn announced on their blog a new milestone: 3 Million Company Pages. LinkedIn celebrated 10 years, two month ago (5 May, 2013) and have now 225+ million professionals...

Most Useful Facebook Shortcuts

  The guys from Socialbakers made an useful Facebook Shortcuts Infographic with Windows and Mac OS X specific keyboard shortcuts. If you want to speed up your actions on Facebook: to respond to...

What Should Contain a Facebook page? (Infographic)

The guys from Short Stack made ​​an infographic with a list of things you should have on a Facebook business or personal page. They gathered 12 things, that everyone who administer...


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