How to build your personal online brand?


Online world is an engaging and dynamic environment, so building your personal brand is very important. You should look at your personal online brand as a long-term investment. Why? Because  your personal reputation in the online environment is a reflection of how people think about you. You may be an expert, a great guy to work with or a trustful person.

Google yourself, what did you find? You can implement lots of tips to build your personal online brand and promote yourself and why not, promote your business. 


Here’s some tips to follow in order to build your own personal online brand: 


     1. Create social media account on the top platforms, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Social media in a powerful tool that might help you to promote yourself and your work. Plus, you can share some of your projects with your friends and find out what they think about your work.  Use your Twitter account because it might get you some international audience. Although Twitter is not the top most used social media platform in Romania for example, it has some big advantages. Twitter connects you with international experts that might retweet your posts, only if you use the right hashtags. So, first of all, do some research. 


     2. Upgrade your social media accounts and don’t keep them just for sharing projects and work stuff. Your audience is also interested in you as a person: what do you like to do or how do you spend your weekends. 


     3. Think and re-thing your online posts, because you don’t want to do something wrong. In the online environment information travels faster, so every mistake will be notice almost immediately by bloggers, or other influencers. 


     4. Don’t chance your brand. Once you have settled your goal and objectives, try to build your personal online brand step by step, without doing major changes. It is ok to bring out new things and get better as a professionist, but don’t make major changes. Do not forget that your audience is following you for a reason. 


     5. Keep your brand posted and upgrade it once in a while. If you are a social media expert for exemple,  it is very important to keep your personal online brand posted to digital news. Write about those news, interpretate those changes in your own way and make people think more throughtout your writings. 

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Do you have a personal online brand? Google yourself and see what internet says about you.
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