Branded Content Ads On Instagram

It is known that Instagram – and not only – stories are a thing now and whichever brand uses them will get the best out of this fact. Most of the users nowadays are mostly looking at Instagram stories rather than scrolling down the feed. So, of course, people at Instagram are always thinking of new ways of monetizing the content shared on the platform. This time, they have come up with something new: branded content ads on Instagram Stories and feed.

What’s new with Branded Content Ads on Instagram?

Starting now, brands will be able not only to tell their stories through the creators’ eyes – and feed -, but also share them with users that don’t follow a certain influencer. And how do they do this? Through ads

Many of the creators earn their living from branded content, but only a few of the users that follow them can see what they share – whether the content is organic or paid. This is why they will have a new opportunity now to spread the word about their partnerships with brands with a new type of ads. 

All the posts of this kind will be marked as Sponsored and have a “Paid Partnership” message below the ad.

How does Branded Content Ads On Instagram work?

In order to create a sponsored post, there are two steps to be followed: first, creators have to go to the “Advanced setting” tab and enable businesses to create a sponsored post with their visual – photo or story. They can select the post they want to share with the business.

The second step of the creation is to be made by the businesses: they go to the Ads Manager tab and they can find there the post that has been shared with them by the creator under the Existing Posts tab. As they see it, they can choose to share it as a post or as a Story and boost it with users.

What do you think of this new way of Instagram advertising? Is it good for both businesses and creators? Let us know in comments! 

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