Brand Promotion on YouTube in 5 Easy Steps

To create a rock-solid presence on YouTube, it is a must for you to have a strong branding strategy. It’s a way for your audience to perceive you, and it’s what makes you different from other brands.
Let’s go through five easy ways through which you can promote your brand on YouTube.

Brand Promotion on YouTube in 5 Easy Steps


1. Logos

A logo is your unique identity. A good logo is simple and unique.
By having a logo, you create a passageway for people to identify your brand and differentiate from other brands. You should include your logo as your introduction as well as keeping it as a watermark in all your videos.
This way, your logo is branded into the minds of your viewers without being an inconvenience. It helps users to get familiar with your brand and immediately associate it with your channel.
Try to present your logo at every point of contact with your public, by branding it on all your videos.

2. Trailer Clips

You can include a promotional clip in all your videos. Trailer videos are great to lure in subscribers.
You can also include a trailer video in your channel introducing you and your brand. A trailer should always be short and to the point. It must provide the viewers with a reason to subscribe to you.
It’s great if you can show the viewers what they can expect from you and when they can expect your next video. It’s also better to update your trailer videos every once in a while.
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3. Video Descriptions

Describe your video in the description panel to help guide the viewers. Video Descriptions can include various other third party links.
Make sure to include relevant URLs in the first rows of text so that they’re always visible. Other announcements or descriptions can come under the “see more” section to click on if the viewers are interested.
If viewers are interested in your videos, they might want to click on your links associated with your blogs, social media accounts or any other kind of promotion.
You should generate enough amount of interest in your video to encourage people to click on your links. They can be latest updates, news or behind the scenes.
You can also include announcements, messages or your contact number of viewers are interested in further details.

4. Keywords

Keywords are critical in keeping your video on the grid. Countless other users are posting videos at the same time as you, so you need good keywords to make sure your video remains on the forefront of the search engine. It helps users easily find your videos.
It’s wise to throw your keywords everywhere, keeping in context.You can search the most popular videos and copy the tags they are using.It will significantly improve the likelihood of your video falling under the “Suggestions” tab.
Find and create different variations of keywords and include them everywhere from your title to your description and also incorporate them in your tags.

5. Call to Actions

Call to action features and annotations are little pop ups which come up when your video is running.
They prompt a viewer to do something you request such as liking your video, subscribing to your channels, watching your other videos, following you on Twitter and a lot of other things.
CTAs encourage people to interact with you and your brand. You can pinpoint where exactly in your video you want to place your annotations and for how long they should linger.
Effective branding gives you a strong web presence and more authority to your YouTube channel. Being consistent in your branding strategy is the key.

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