Best Social Media Remarketing Channels

Digital frontiers have changed the marketing world for good and introduced whole new concepts and strategies. One of them is remarketing, which aims to engage people who have already visited a website or shown interested in company’s products and services. This promotional activity requires segmentation of customers and tailoring of marketing messages to their specific needs and wants. Of course, this implies that one must first identify the online visitors and find them on social media.
This takes quite a bit of research, but social media provides the necessary tools and plenty of data for this task. Social media remarketing fits almost any budget, making it a must-have weapon in a digital remarketing arsenal of startups and small businesses. In the bustling digital realm of today, there is a myriad of channels for reaching a broad audience, but we all know which ones are the cream of the crop. The holy trinity of social networks always does the trick, regardless of the niche and site size.

Best Social Media Remarketing Channels


1. Facebook

To make the most of the ad targeting on this platform, marketers seek to identify people who are interested in their products and services. The good news is that the cost per click on Facebook is lower compared to remarketing on major search engines. The downside, though, is that you are targeting people while they are doing something else. This situation differs from the traffic on search engines, where people are searching for specific products and are more likely to convert. Hence, consistent and high-quality remarketing is the only way to achieve business goals on Facebook.
Done right, remarketing campaigns can increase the ROI considerably, boost the conversion rates and cut the costs per customer acquisition. Yet, converting first-time visitors take time, and customers always have numerous other options for buying. Therefore, customize your messages so that they provide relevant information complementary to those customers already possess. Note that the Website Custom Audiences is a versatile option which makes precise targeting much easier.  Moreover, it remedies failed opportunities and missed conversions.

2. Twitter

Companies that have a strong presence on Twitter tend to generate high engagement and yield increased conversions. This is not something that comes by default, though, and being a top of mind brand is a rare privilege. Do not spread yourself too thin by trying to remarket to everyone. Visitors want a custom experience, so give them one by making good use of Twitter remarketing ads and cards. The former allow companies to connect with only the most relevant buyers, but it is advisable to also tie them to the corporate website. This can be achieved by creating Twitter tags and installing them on the website.
It is advisable to add a tag code to each popular page to maximize the ROI. Furthermore, promoted tweets are another great way to engage existing customers and leads. These posts should include not only ads but also appropriate photos. This brings about greater visibility and enhances a click-through rate. Just make sure that the image is displayed properly, meaning they must be 440 pixels by 220 pixels. Finally, when it comes to Twitter cards, the ones that seem to best hit the mark are: basic app, image app, lead generation and website.

3. Instagram

The spectacular rise of Instagram has launched this platform in a social media remarketing orbit. In fact, it is the best of the best in terms of end user engagement. But, before starting to use Instagram remarketing ads, it is advisable to install the Facebook Pixel which will automatically track every visit to your site. The next step is to create a custom audience for your remarketing campaigns.  The purpose can be to increase the clicks to the website, conversions, video views or application installs.
Visual content is the king on Instagram, so marketers must get into ways to make a striking and appealing photos. Pay attention to the budget and schedule, and never lose sight of the specific audience. Bear in mind that customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty, so put a focus on those who made multiple purchases on the website. Incentives may include discounts, special offers, coupons, etc. All the same, we all like to receive gifts and to own a product like a promotional USB, T-shirt, mug, bag, etc. Take pictures of each item and edit them appropriately. Content customers will leave positive comments, share the content and maybe even propel it to go viral.
The triumvirate
The greatest strength of remarketing lies in the fact that it segments the internet population and develops custom ads for them. Raising brand awareness and recognition on social media enables numerous customers to develop a positive impression about a company. This establishes a trust and deeper connections, allowing marketers to build a wide community and drive internet traffic to their websites. Since completing the purchase cycle does not come easy, multichannel remarketing is the best shot you have. The possibilities are endless, and the list of tools is much longer than three big names who still reign supreme.

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