Automated YouTube Video Chapters Is Being Tested

There has been not one time that you had to scroll through a YouTube video to get to the part you were interested in, wasn’t it? Well, this might not be the case anymore, because YouTube is testing a new feature for the platform that might come in hand in situations like this one mentioned before. This comes after YouTube has introduced Chapters back in May. But then, creators had to manually add timeframes and this can sometimes be a frustrating.

Automated YouTube Video Chapters

We all know that a YouTube video is divided into several parts, depending on the topic. Take, for example, a cooking one: first the author says his or her story with the dish, then enumerates the ingredients, shows how he/ she cooks per se and, at the end of the video, the result. Some of the viewers might already have the ingredients ready, don’t want to listen to the whole story and just scroll until they get to the part they are interested in. But they might go further than planned and skipped some steps. This might make them scroll back and be frustrated about it. And the story can go on. But you get the point, so let’s see what YouTube has done in this concern to make creator’s life easier.

It seems that this problem might have hit YouTube representatives that are currently testing a video chapter feature, which, based on machine learning, will automatically add timestamps on the videos, so the creator won’t have to spend extra time to do this.

Using the machine learning to timestamp the videos could also improve the search algorithm and the suggestions one. It also helps Google refine its results, so when you look for something very specific, you will be taken directly to that video you are interested in, rather than to a list of videos that are on the same topic.

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