Facebook Launches AR Games for Messenger

In order to compete with Snapchat, Facebook has launched today, globally, AR games for Messenger.
What does this mean? Let’s find out!
People go to the Facebook messenger to keep in touch with the beloved ones that are far away or in order to keep up with news from friends and family. Video chatting on Messenger makes the experience more enjoyable and brings people closer.
Now, with the launch of the AR games in the video messenger, Facebook tries to make the video calls more fun and attractive. And even competitive. If you want more than two persons to join, you must know that the platform supports up to six players within the same conversation.

For now, they have rolled out two games, but they are planning on launching more the following weeks and months, together with AR Studio.

Which are the two AR Games for Messenger released today?

The first one is “Don’t smile” and it is a contest in which the one that is the last to grin wins. Or the one that doesn’t grin at all. The camera detects if you smile and puts a Joker grin on your face and awards your opponent or if you are a group of people video chatting, the one that grins last.
The second game that has been released is called “Asteroids attack”. This one allows you to control a spaceship with your face and avoid asteroids or other objects you might find in outer space.
The other games they are planning to release are “Beach bump”, that will allow players to pass a beach ball back and forth and “Kitten kraze”, a matching cat game.


How do you play games in Messenger?

First of all, you have to download the latest Messenger version on your mobile device; after you have done this, you have to open an existing conversation or to find a person or a group you want to challenge; tap on the video icon on the upper right of the screen; tap on the star button that activate the filters; select one of the games you would like to play and the other recipient or the group will receive a notification that the game is on. During your play, you can snap moments of the game and send them to the thread, for prosperity.
This is a big step for Facebook in their attempt at creating their own in-house games. Who knows what will be next for the platform?
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