The Ultimate Secrets to Be Successful in AI Integration in Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms that digital marketers can utilize in order to gain major exposure and awareness for their business. The higher your exposure, the more people are going to know about your business which ultimately leads to acquiring customers and conversion.
According to Statista, by 2021, social media users will account for 3.02 billion of the worldwide population. That is a lot of people. Therefore, it becomes difficult to ignore the importance of social media if you want to improve your brand awareness as well as online visibility.
As the statistics show, that’s a lot of people to cater. Google doesn’t consider social media to be a ranking factor but it is still essential for you to engage your business there. Therefore, it can get overwhelming to juggle and keep track on your progress between ranking in the SERPs and gaining visibility in social media.

AI Meets Social Media

Social media is one of those platforms that contribute to producing billions of information on the web. In order to get to the core needs of consumers, marketers and business owners make it a point to analyze and track consumer behaviors.
However, with so many data that is being sent, the human mind can’t get the results and analysis that is needed for customer research.
Worry no more. AI or Artificial Intelligence is the answer to your juggling problems. AI has actually been around for decades. They have the amazing ability to analyze billions of data on the internet and delivers results that you need within minutes.


AI Integration in Social Media Marketing

AI is not only useful for business owners and marketers for social media. Social media platform founders know the importance of employing AI in their business just like small time business owners. They, too, should be able to be at the top of their game to maintain their number one spot.
Since they are handling billions of information and data, the number and data analyzing abilities of AI are put to use.
Here are some of the ways that well-known social media platforms are using AI for their company.


Unless you don’t use Facebook, which is surprising, you probably know Facebook’s facial recognition. The famous app uses facial recognition and automatically tags the person in the image. This is very handy for Facebook users especially if they are uploading dozens of pictures. They won’t have to tag person by person, picture by picture which saves them the time and effort.


Pinterest utilizes AI that can identify objects in the images. This enables their users to search through the image and Pinterest will suggest and recommend other relevant images that are in their system for the user to browse.


LinkedIn is employing AI in their platform to enhance job opportunities for the candidate and the hiring company alike. By tailoring job offers to the right person through job history, location, skills, and more, the chances of hiring and being hired are increased.

AI Utilization for Your Business


Content Creation with AI

Content is an important factor that you have to have in order to attract customers to your business. It also showcases your knowledge and expertise on a given topic that can convince your customers that you know what you are doing and that you are right for the job.
However, whether you are a writer or not, there will always be a time when you run out of topics and ideas to write about for your content. That poses a difficulty especially when you needed to update your content.
Rocco is one of the AI assistants that help you solve that writer’s block. By learning how your business works and how your business voice is heard, Rocco is able to suggest topic ideas that can attract more of your target market. Rocco can also monitor and analyze your content’s performance after content creation.
Other than Rocco, you may not have known but AI is already being used to produce content on the internet. You will be able to produce content in no time. The only caveat in using AI in content creation is that they can get a bit boring, therefore, implement AI in your content creation wisely.
AI Hack: To use AI in its optimal state, refrain from making it create long and complex articles too much. You can take advantage of their speed in writing articles when you have updates going on. Being prompt to spread the news can be a big deal in social media.

Automation of Content and Updates

Moments that you have too much on your plate is inevitable. There will also be moments where you will be able to forget posting updates or contents. Online life is not the only thing there is anyway.
Moreover, it’s not only that it can solve your busy schedule. There are good times to post on social media and there are the best times. Being able to post during a certain period of time can significantly improve your chances to gain more audience. This shows that it is essential for you to be automating your posts and upgrade it with AI.
Although automation and AI can be changed interchangeably, they are two different things. In the end, automation gets the job done from following the instructions to the letter. AI gets the job done by understanding the instructions and enhance its methods to achieve a more effective result. It is possible that automation can be powered by an AI.
One of the perfect examples of AIs used to automate your posts and updates is Yala. This AI-powered social automation learns when your audience is very active on social then schedules your post accordingly. If your audience activity changes, her scheduling also changes.
AI Fact: Despite the usefulness and advanced AIs customize and personalize results and schedules, they are still incapable of responding to user comments. Don’t let your AIs automate your replies. People will see you as insensitive and uncaring when they find out that you automate even responding to your customers.

Image or Facial Detection

The internet is a big place. There are so many conversations as well as information being passed back and forth. One of the essential aspects that can boost a business is customer engagement and the customer feedback.
Social media has become a platform where people get to express their thoughts, feedback, opinions, and experiences with regards to something. It has been considered as business owners and marketers’ go-to for reviews aside from Google My Business and Yelp.
However, there are billions of users all over the world that are using a wide variety of social media platforms. There are tools available that can help business owners to track conversations and texts regarding their business. There is one important factor that business owners have neglected: images.
Visual content is all the rave nowadays. With so many people taking pictures as well as selfies, brands will be able to lose so much of customer insight because they can’t track their products in images. With the help of AI, visual search for brands becomes more accessible and faster. An example of an AI-powered visual search is Clarifai which also manages to tag and identifying objects in the images.
AI Fact: There are plenty of AI-powered visual search that is available on the internet. However, they are not built alike. All have strengths and weaknesses. Know the needs and requirements of your business before choosing one that mostly makes use of the strengths of the program rather than the weakness.

AI is Not Always the Way Out

Everything has there ups and downs. Nothing is perfect and AI is not perfect. Not only that it is not fully sentient and relies on human input to function, it also is not the answer to everything. Especially in social media.
When it comes to being fully human, AIs are still a long way before they can become humans equal. There are still plenty of factors to consider that makes AI unfit to be fully integrated on its own in your social media marketing.
One, it still lacks creativity. As mentioned above, AI is still course around the edges when it comes to content creation.
Second, it is vulnerable to bugs and these bugs can create errors ranging from minor to major.
Third, it doesn’t have feelings or personality, it won’t be able to portray feelings and empathy in what they are writing or delivering unless it’s cold, hard facts.
And lastly, it has no morals or culture. It doesn’t understand if what it’s saying is good, bad or offensive with Microsoft’s AI named Tay.

Use AI Wisely = Success in AI Integration

This just simply shows that AI is not the whole solution to our needs. Consumers, for one, highly value human companies and human content. AIs are also not the replacement for human workers. It is just a tool to achieve tedious and monotonous tasks faster.
AI is a powerful tool and assistant for everyone, no matter the standing, work, and lifestyle. Use them wisely, they will ensure your success. Otherwise, you will have to suffer the repercussions of your abuse.
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