After Bing, Tweets Are Now Searchable On Google

Allow me to take you to two, 5 seconds imaginary situations right now: How cool is it to search for a trending Twitter hashtag on search engines like Bing and Google? Pretty wicked, right?
Imagine the ability to search for any tweets, hashtags or Twitter users on search engines without hassle. A technology breakthrough? You bet!

After Bing, Tweets Are Now Searchable On Google

Back in July 2014, Twitter users around the world are able to use Bing to search for hashtags — without even launching Twitter app on their smartphones or visiting the official Twitter website.
Simply by searching “#keyword” on Bing, it will return a list of search results for you. And here is what it looks like when you perform a hashtag search on Bing:
Searching hashtags on Bing
Do you noticed the list of recommended or related keywords that are visible even before you press the ‘enter’ button?
Just like many, we often wonder when this will come over to Google. According to Bloomberg, Google users (this means literally everyone) is able to search for hashtags on Google search. In other words, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted.
While some this may be a huge shock and even something new, I ought to defer. In this latest news on BBC (read the full article here), Twitter’s boss, Dick Costolo admitted that the abuse and trolling challenges they faced are not only becoming more serious, it is growing into a massive challenge which has results in several public figures to leave Twitter for good.
And because of this, I believe that Twitter need to buckle up and get more traction back to the right spot (while closing the chase with Facebook).

The differences between Bing search and Google search

Using Bing, you can easily search for users on Twitter using Twitter handler and once the results are out, recent tweets from the user you are searching for will be visible in search results.
The collaboration between Twitter and Google is even more significant because Google dominates over 75% of the market share in search and it is also the most popular, most trafficked websites in the world.

Important things you need to know about these changes

Here’s what we do not know: No one knows what will happen to the search results after the tweet is deleted. However being Google, I am sure they would find a way to solve the challenge.
What are your thoughts about the fact that: tweets are now searchable on Google?
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