A Lesson in “Twetiquette” for Your Business

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It might sound strange, but in today’s day and age of technology being glued to our fingertips, one of the most important places to remember your manners isn’t actually a real place. In the virtual world where social media channels like Twitter and Facebook are concerned, anonymity can act as a mask for users. Things they would never dream of saying in the ‘real’ world are simply typed out into 140 characters or less on Twitter. It’s important to remember that a lot of real world practices for etiquette can be translated into twetiquette.

5 tips to help you mind your manners on the Twetiquette for your business


1. Following Etiquette

 Probably the most commonly asked question regarding Twitter: Should I follow someone who follows me? This question has a lot of answers. The short answer, especially if you’re a business or entrepreneur on Twitter, is yes. Now, don’t just follow back blindly. Make sure the person you’re following back is a legitimate person and not a spammer. Check out their profile, you never know how they could impact you in the future. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks in the world, by following this person, you’ve just expanded your network!

2. Auto Direct Messaging

Often, for businesses when you follow them on Twitter, you get a direct message right away from them telling you to visit their website or Facebook page. This is called an Auto DM, and by most accounts, it’s annoying. While we understand that you’re trying to expand your business, automatic messages are not what Twitter is for. If you want your followers to know something about your business, simply tweet it instead! However, it is important to DM those followers who could be a valuable maven for your brand. Pool Guard Covers does a great job recruiting mavens on their Twitter through personalized DMs and tweets.


3. Answering Replies

Celebrities who have millions upon millions of followers physically can’t answer all of the replies they have on Twitter, however as a business or individual, it would behoove you to answer your replies. By doing this, you will not only help to improve your customer base, but you might even garner a little positive PR in the process. The practices of companies like American Airlines, who respond to every tweet (good, bad or ugly) have not gone unnoticed. It’s a great way to show your customer’s you care in the most personal way possible.


4. Retweeting Etiquette

 When a follower retweets one of your tweets, that’s great news for you. That means they’re sharing your news to all of their followers, which will in turn get you noticed. What is the correct way to respond to the retweet? Well the quickest and easiest way is to simply ‘favorite their tweet.  With a simple click of that little star button, you’ll let the tweeter know that you like what they had to say. It is the online equivalent of a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling.


5. Tweet Frequency

Don’t spam your followers! For you, what you have to say on Twitter may be the most important thing in the world, but let’s face it, for your followers if you start tweeting too much, all they have to do is hit that deadly unfollow button and poof! You’re dead in the water. Start out tweeting four or five times a day. It’s a tricky medium, finding the right frequency and it’s something that will have to be determined according to what you find your fans like.

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