7 Tools to Help You Rock Pinterest



Pinterest became a popular social network in 2010 due to its dynamic picture and bookmarking features. This past year social media as a whole has seen a shift in the type of content users crave most—images. From Infographics to memes, the rise of images has spurred Pinterest to the top of the social scene.
If you are a crazy Pinterst user like me or a company looking for ways to increase traffic and revenue, here are seven Pinterest tools to help you rock Pinterest account.

1.  Pinterest for iPhone

One of the more useful Pinterest tools that will help you dominate is the Pinterest iPhone app that allows for you to go on Pinterest whenever you need.
This app will make accessing your Pinterest account simple while you are on the go. The app is more effective than the mobile website because it allows a company user to pin a photo they have taken through it. The mobile website allows a person to access the website and view information, but pinning photos to your page is disabled.

2.  PinReach

PinReach offers you a wide array of information regarding your analytics and follower influence.
Upon signing up for the service, you will be redirected to the main page where information is gathered into four tabs:

  • Analytics: When you come to this tab, you will be greeted by a huge line graph that shows you your daily PinReach Score History. On the side of this, you will be shown the number of pins, repins, likes, liked, followers, following, comments, boards and community boards you have interacted with in total.
  • Boards: If you have created boards on Pinterest, which is highly suggested, you can see your total interaction information here. Each board you have created will be listed and underneath it will be the number of repins it received, number of followers, pins, likes and comments.
  • Pins: This tab will show you your most popular pins on Pinterest. On the lower right-hand side of each picture will be the number of repins the picture received.
  • Influential Followers: If you have thousands of followers, it can be difficult to find which ones hold any interest on Pinterest. This tab will help rate which of your Pinterest followers have a strong influence, as well as giving you a link to their Pinreach to view their analytics.       


3.  Pin A Quote

Do you like posting quotes on Pinterest?
If you answered yes, then Pin A Quote will be a good extension for you. This simplistic feature will allow you easily to publish any quote you find on the web to your Pinterest. All you have to do is highlight the text and click the bookmarklet. From there, you will need to complete the form and click “post” and there it is – on your Pinterest for all your followers to see.
The pro version for this is only $6.99, which is a good investment if you intend to use this several times a day or week. A similar free tool is Quozio, although it comes with limited options.

4.  Pinterest Image Expander

Are you looking to enlarge images that you find on Pinterest?
Pinterest Image Expander will be the perfect tool for you and will allow you to see all pictures in detail. You might even want to recommend this app for customers if you own a business to allow them to see products you pin in a more clear version.

5.  Pin Search

This program is a Google Chrome Extension, which helps you search the Pinterest database for relatable photos and information for a photo you have found on Pinterest.
Upon adding the extension to your Chrome toolbar, when you browse Pinterest you will notice there is a “Search” button now on the photos below the “Comment” button. Clicking the “Search” button will direct you to a Google search relatable to the picture.
This is great if you find yourself unsure of what to place in a Google search bar to find additional information.

6.  Instagram

One of the more unorthodox apps is Instagram, available for Android and iPhone.
For those unaware of what Instagram is, think Pinterest but for your phone with less words. Instagram currently has a large user base and can be used in accordance with Pinterest.
For example, if you post a picture on your Instagram, you can also upload it to your Pinterest simultaneously with a caption already attached. Reaching out to two different user bases simultaneously will lessen your workload and will only benefit your business. Don’t forget to include a related link back to your site of where users can find that product you took a picture of.

7.  Piqora

If you are using Pinterest for your business, Piqora (formerly known as Pinfluencer) is a must. The tool allows you to create promotions on Pinterest and track your results. You can schedule pins, identify influential pinners (possible mavens), and see which of your pins is most engaging.
Piqora can also track your social efforts on Instagram and Tumblr.

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