7 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Take Your Website Places

If you are still believing in the archetypal model that quality content leads to quality traffic, you are a tad too behind the times. Today, right on this date, the post you invested hours in writing and ensuring it had the barn-burner of a vocabulary and all-embracing information for the potential readers/visitors has least chances of reaching wide breadths of the audience (unless you belong to the top of the cream brands). Considering the breakneck competition that shown no signs of subtlety, making an impact has to go beyond writing good quality content, and this is where WordPress’ social bookmarking plugins come to the fore.


To begin with, social bookmarking has remodeled the marketing stratagem of enterprises worldwide, and made it absolutely essential that you either keep with the drift, or let your business go off the rails. There may be a hint of exaggeration in the previous statement, but guessing from the speed social media is making inroads, it sure is poised to become the future of marketing.

These plugins acknowledge the ground reality and help your website rank higher on Internet ranking algorithms by making way for a stimulated marketing.


Here are the best social bookmarking plugins for your WordPress site


1. ShareThis

Sharebar delivers invasiveness and inclusiveness to the way your website articles can be promoted over the Internet. With a whole lot of platforms embedded in this plugin, the readers can choose among many options to share the posts they like with their friends. This plugin is displayed on the bottom of your website’s posts as a horizontal bar containing social media buttons.


2. Follow Me

With a name that more than expresses what the tool is all about, Follow Me boosts the user engagement by providing a button clicking on which you can subscribe to the blog’s updates. The new content is delivered right into the inbox of the user in real-time. It thereby helps websites to enable their visitors keep track of the website’s updates and latest posts.


3. Shareaholic

Well, it doesn’t make sharing addictive per se, but Shareaholic definitely helps to make a piece of addictive content go viral. With a bevy of social media buttons at their behest, users find it a fuss-free exercise to spread the article around in their online friend circle. The customizable sharing bar is device ready and irrespective of the resolution of the screen, it gets displayed appropriately.


4. WP Social Bookmarking

WP Social Bookmarking does what it promises with élan. The reader sees an image below the posts he’she just read. Once they click on it, they are provided an ensemble of social bookmarking options in the form of platforms to share the post on. This infallible plugin is becoming increasingly popular among the general audience who is lapping it up with all earnestness and eagerness.


5. GetSocial

Whether the user wishes to share the post on Facebook or GooglePlus or for that matter StumbleUpon, GetSocial makes it a matter of just 3 clicks. This highly resourceful plugin offers a suite of alternatives for users to share the content with their social circle. It is also one of those tools that floats around your screen as you navigate through the window. And you can dictate the order in which you want the buttons to appear to a user.


6. SexyBookmarks

And then there is that. SexyBookmarks is another quirky name with wonderful features to help you promote your website. Install this plugin and see your numbers climb at a rate much greater than you anticipated. The plugin gets its name from the visually appealing bookmarking menu that is embedded with your web pages.


7. Tell A Friend

Tell A Friend makes it an altogether fuss-free job to let visitors make their friends know that they liked certain piece of content or article and that they want them to read it as well. All they have to do is to click on the button on the page and share it for their friends. Once you provide your email address, it will retrieve all the contacts in your email and ask you if you wish to share the post with the names contained in the list.


Ensuring that your website doesn’t fall short on this new kind of ear-to-ear marketing, these social bookmarking plugins harmonize your marketing requisites with desirable results just perfect.


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