7 Everyday Habits of Highly Successful People in Social Media

Having a presence in social media is a must in this day and age.
You could be a freshman in high school, a middle-aged parent, the owner of a multi-million dollar company or senior in charge of activities at a retirement home. Social media is utilized by people from all walks of life.
Highly successful people in social media got to where they are by being persistent in self-advertising. Gaining a social media following will allow you to do several things very well: speak in public, learn some discipline, speak your mind and connect with people who have similar interests or views.

7 Everyday Habits of Highly Successful People in Social Media


1. They take full advantage of early morning hours

A hallmark habit of any successful social media personality is getting up early to plan out their day. You’ll need solid organizational skills to keep track of exactly what you need to post, where, and at what time. This can be accomplished using pen and paper or electronic aids, with a well-organized office desk.
Utilizing morning hours to plan out your social media posts throughout the day. That way you’re effectively placing yourself on a set schedule. Highly successful social media personalities are known for their consistency in providing followers with content on a regular basis.

2. They seclude themselves from the outside world

Just like other creative marketing practitioners, people who succeed in social media often need to seclude themselves from the world to get work done. Anyone who does creative work or works from home understands the need for boundaries.
Just because you can do all your self-advertising from the comfort of your couch does not mean you should, necessarily. If you live with roommates, working in the living room of your house might not be the best idea.
Try taking your work elsewhere. Create an optimal work environment with an air purifier to clean the air, and focus 100% on your work on hand.

3. They have a marketing plan

There’s a lot of ways to go about developing marketing plans in social media. You can make social media accounts for products you want to sell, you can personify animals by making accounts for them or you could create a separate personality to use online so you can differentiate from your own.
You can choose to be professional, casual or anything in between. You can make a point to make a post every day, every hour or even every 15 minutes. The beauty in making marketing plans for social media is that the sky’s the limit.
Just about any way you can think to market yourself, there’s a way to turn that into a sustainable plan. To be successful as a social media personality, be sure not to overschedule yourself, and don’t deviate from your plan.

4. They get help when they need it

Even the most successful people in life need help sometimes. In fact, they’re often so busy that they need help more than non-successful people do. If you trying to develop an online presence through social media, consider contracting some people around the internet to help you out.
You can sign up with websites like Upwork where you can hire freelancers to make posts on social media websites for you. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to make regular posts for you for pennies on the dollar. Don’t feel like a failure for needing help, a growing social media personality needs all the help it can get.

5. They don’t spam

One thing you can do to ensure quality in your social media presence is to avoid being spammy. Being spammy can be interpreted by your readers as many things, and none of them are good. You don’t want to seem desperate for attention, as this will turn many people off to your social media feeds.
If you’re not trying to market yourself as a gourmet or a Yelper, don’t post pictures of plates of your food for every meal. No one cares. Did you just buy a new car? You can almost guarantee that none of the people following you will care unless you’re advertising yourself as a car enthusiast.
The most successful people in social media know that spamming is not the way to get followers. You need quality content on the regular. It helps to have a theme, or a general style to your posts in order to fend off habitual spamminess.

6. They listen to feedback from their readers

The most successful social media personalities are known for responding to their readers. If you’re a social media personality with any kind of following, you can’t just keep posting stuff without responding to comments.
The comment sections of your social media feeds are extremely important. To put it simply, this is where you figure out how well you’re doing. If you see a lot of negative comments, try not to respond with negativity.
If you get a lot of negative comments about a certain aspect of your social media presence, it might be time to take them seriously. If you feel like you need more of an explanation, try making a poll to get answers from your regular commenters.

7. They use resources

Are you unsure about your audience? Does it feel like you’re not reaching everyone you should be? There are multiple online resources where you can look at demographic research for your region or your intended audience.
Many of the best websites for this type of thing are paid, but if you dig around you should be able to find some free ones. If you can’t find recent reports, or you can’t afford them, older reports are usually free, albeit not nearly as useful.
Getting in the habit of doing market research before you commit to an advertising plan will save you both time and money.
It’s not as easy to become a successful social media personality these days, but that didn’t stop all of the most well know internet celebrities. Even if fame isn’t your end game, try using the above seven habits to get a jump start your social media presence.
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